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Thailand   Prime and high quality Chopsticks.
A shopping site that offers the best of Thailandís hand-made Chopsticks and related products.. We offer the best-quality products for wholesale." We are expert in chopsticks."

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If your order over 5,000 pairs, we will give you with the special gifts made from 92.5% Silver from Thailand.
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We specialize in both the Chopsticks and related products.

Our chopsticks & chopsticks rest made from "Rose Wood" and crafted by hand from a well-experienced craftmanship and hand-polished in order to be the best quality and beautiful chopsticks.

As we care about safety and healthy of our customers so all our chopsticks & chopsticks rest color are in natural without any painted color or any shiny oil to made it shine & bright. 

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"Japanese quality guaranteed"

 Customers say:
"My client loves it, and I liked how beautiful it was to implement." David Oderbeg
"We had done search for price before buying,, and it is BY FAR the most cost effective and my customers love them so much." Valerie Gamble
"Word of mouth is strong about you chopsticks, I have been hearing nothing but wonderful things about your products for the past several months." D. Brent Messer

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"Minimum order 300 pairs."

100 pairs in each style.


* The weight of chopsticks, 50 pairs = 1 kg. (approximately)


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