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AAC - Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (Concrete engineering) Exceptionally lightweight precast concrete with high thermal qualities and fire resistence. Suitable for cutting with ordinary hand tools. Mix design is composed of portland cement, sand or siliceous material, lime, gypsum, finely powdered aluminum, and water. Initial mix is a combination of portland cement, sand, lime and gypsum to produce a slurry. Finely powdered aluminum mixed into a paste is added prior to placement into large, rail-like forms. The finely powdered aluminum reacts with the alkaline components of the cement and lime to produce hydrogen gas, which increases the volume approximately five times producing a uniformly, dispersed cellular structure. Units are cut to required shape. Units are placed in an autoclave, an enclosed pressurized chamber, and steam cured at 3500 F. Approximately 80% of the ultimate volume consists of air voids.
Absolute Volume (Concrete engineering) The volume of an ingredient in its solid state, without voids between individual pieces or particles, in the case of fluids, the cubic content occupied. In concrete, the actual volume occupied by the different ingredients determined by dividing the weight of each ingredient pounds, by ifs specific gravity, times the weight of one cubic foot of water in pounds. Example: Absolute Volume of one sack of cement equals: 94 (3.15X62.4) = 0.478 cubic feet
Absorbed Moisture (Concrete engineering) Moisture which is mechanically held in a material. In aggregates, that water which is not available to become part of the mixing water is designated "absorbed" water.
Abstraction - (Software engineering) (1) the level of technical detail of some representation of software; (2) a cohesive model of data or an algorithmic procedureAction (also called Software engineering action) -
Adaptive maintenance - (Software engineering) activity associate with changing an application to make it conform to changes in its external environment
Adiabatic Curing (Concrete engineering) The maintenance of ambient conditions during the setting and hardening of concrete so that heat is neither lost nor gained from the surroundings of the concrete.
Adsorption (Environmental engineering) A surface phenomena in which a solute (soluble material) concentrates or collects at a surface (the adsorbent).
Adsorption Water (Concrete engineering) Water held on surfaces in a material by either physical and/or chemical forces.
Advanced wastewater treatment (Environmental engineering) The removal of any dissolved or suspended contaminants beyond secondary treatment, often this is the removal of the nutrients nitrogen and/or phosphorus.
Aerobes (Environmental engineering) Organisms which require molecular oxygen as an electron acceptor for energy production. See anaerobes.
Aerobic process (Environmental engineering) A process which requires molecular oxygen.
Aesthetic design - (Software engineering) a Web engineering action that focuses on the aesthetics (e.g., the artistic elements) of a WebApp (often encompasses graphic design)
Agile development (also referred to as agile process model) - (Software engineering) an adapted version of software engineering that emphasizes customer communication, incremental software delivery, informal methods and work products, and highly motivated teams.
Air Content (Concrete engineering) The amount of entrained or entrapped air in concrete or mortar, exclusive of pore space in aggregate particles, usually expressed as a percentage of total volume of concrete or mortar.
Air Entraining Agent (Concrete engineering) An addition for hydraulic cement, or an admixture for concrete or mortar which entrains air in the form of minute bubbles in the concrete or mortar during mixing.
Alcohol (Environmental engineering) An organic compound with one or more hydroxyl "-OH" groups.
Aldehyde (Environmental engineering) An organic compound with a carbonyl at one end of a hydrocarbon group.
Alkali-Aggregate Reaction (Concrete engineering) Older terminology for Alkali-Silica Reactivity (ASR).
Alkalinity (Environmental engineering) The capacity of a water to neutralize acids.
Aluminous Cement (Concrete engineering) A hydraulic cement in which the principal constituents are calcium aluminates, instead of calcium silicates which comprise the major ingredients of portland cement. (See calcium aluminate cement)

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