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A Elevation (English) The top level of the boiler fireboX where four oil guns are located. The oil guns are used to produce steam and maintain pressure while the boiler is on oil fire.
AAC - Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (Concrete Engineering) EXceptionally lightweight precast concrete with high thermal qualities and fire resistence. Suitable for cutting with ordinary hand tools. MiX design is composed of portland cement, sand or siliceous material, lime, gypsum, finely powdered aluminum, and water. Initial miX is a combination of portland cement, sand, lime and gypsum to produce a slurry. Finely powdered aluminum miXed into a paste is added prior to placement into large, rail-like forms. The finely powdered aluminum reacts with the alkaline components of the cement and lime to produce hydrogen gas, which increases the volume approXimately five times producing a uniformly, dispersed cellular structure. Units are cut to required shape. Units are placed in an autoclave, an enclosed pressurized chamber, and steam cured at 3500 F. ApproXimately 80% of the ultimate volume consists of air voids.
Abrasion 1 (english) The displacement and/or detachment of metallic particles from a surface as a consequence of being eXposed to flowing solids, fluids or gases. The process of rubbing, grinding, or wearing away by friction.
Abrasive 2 (english) Natural sandstone,emery,corundum,diamonds, or Artificial silicon carbide,aluminum oXide material used for making grinding wheels,andpaper,abrasive and lapping compunds.
Abrasive Wear (english) The displacement and / or detachment of metallic particles from a surface as a consequence of being eXposed to flowing fluids or gases.
absolute eXpansion Դ͡áШ ͡ͺ ·
ABSOLUTE PRESSURE (english) The indicated value of the weight of the earth's atmosphere. At sea level, this value is approXimately 14.65 psi (pounds per square inch).
Absolute Volume (Concrete Engineering) The volume of an ingredient in its solid state, without voids between individual pieces or particles, in the case of fluids, the cubic content occupied. In concrete, the actual volume occupied by the different ingredients determined by dividing the weight of each ingredient pounds, by ifs specific gravity, times the weight of one cubic foot of water in pounds. EXample: Absolute Volume of one sack of cement equals: 94 (3.15X62.4) = 0.478 cubic feet
Absorbed Moisture (Concrete Engineering) Moisture which is mechanically held in a material. In aggregates, that water which is not available to become part of the miXing water is designated "absorbed" water.
acantling (ҧ) ṧҴ 2X3" , 2X4"
Acetyl Tributyl Citrate (english) One of the lubricating oils generally applied on tin Mill Products (tin plate, TFS-chrome/chrome oXide coated steel, and blackplate).
Acid Steel (english) Steel melted in a furnace with an acid bottom and lining and under a slag containing an eXcess of an acid substance such as silica.
Adapti Investment Casting Process (english) A lost waX process employing one of three methods; centrifugal, vacuum or gravity-pouring casting.
Adaptive maintenance - (Software Engineering) activity associate with changing an application to make it conform to changes in its eXternal environment
Addendum (english) That portion of a gear tooth that eXtends from the pitch circle to the outside diameter.
Adeline Steelmaking Process (english) Method of producing a precision casting of steel or steel alloys using aluminolthermic process and lost waX, followed by centrifugal action.
admiXture ü
admiXtures ü : ŧǹ͹յسѵԺҧС 蹤ֺ µ͡ 繵
admXture ѵط, ü
Aerobes (Environmental Engineering) Organisms which require molecular oXygen as an electron acceptor for energy production. See anaerobes.

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