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twin siX ͧ¹ 12 ٺ çҧ 6 ٺ
Ultimate biochemical oXygen demand (BODu) (Environmental Engineering) The total amount of oXygen required to oXidize any organic matter present in a water, i.e. after an eXtended period, such as 20 or 30 days.
Unit Water Content (Concrete Engineering) The quantity of water per unit volume of freshly miXed concrete, often eXpressed as gallons or pounds per cubic yard. This is the quantity of water on which the water cement ratio is based, and does not include water absorbed by the aggregate
User-story - (Software Engineering) a usage scenario that is used as part of EXtreme programming
Vapor Pressure (Concrete Engineering) The pressure eXerted by a vapor that is calculated based upon relative humidity and temperature. The higher the humidity and higher temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit, the greater the vapor pressure eXerted.
verteX ҧ [þ] ; شʹ [俿]
Vibration (Concrete Engineering) Energetic agitation of concrete to assist in its consolidation, produced by mechanical oscillating devices at moderately high frequencies. (A.) EXternal vibration employs a device attached to the forms and is particularly applicable to the manufacture of precast items and for the vibration of tunnel lining forms. (B.) Internal vibration employs an element which can be inserted into the concrete; and is more generally used for cast-in-place construction.
vinyl lateX paint շҼѧ¡ ҧ ͹
vinyl lateX wall finish շҼѧ¡ ҧй (ҧǡѺ vinyl lateX paint)
vorteX ǹ [, Ǵ, ҹ¹] ; ǹ, ع, ǹ¹ [¸]
Wagner Fineness (Concrete Engineering) The fineness of materials such as portland cement eXpressed as total surface area in centimeters per gram as determined by the Wagner turbidimeter apparatus and procedure.
Water Vapor Pressure (Concrete Engineering) The pressure eXerted by water vapor. Air that contains higher amounts of water vapor eXerts a higher vapor pressure than air which has a lower amount of has a higher water vapor pressure In concrete water vapor pressure is calculated by the difference between the vapor pressure of the concrete and the ambient relative humidity and temperature and in contact with the soil. that is calculated by; based upon relative humidity and temperature. The greater the difference between the water vapor and ambient humidity and temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit. the greater the water vapor pressure eXerted.
Water-Cement Ratio (Concrete Engineering) The ratio of the amount of water, eXclusive of that absorbed by the aggregates, to the amount of cement in a concrete miX. Typically eXpressed as percentage of water, by weight in pounds, to the total weight of portland cement, fly ash, and any other cementitious material, per cubic yard, eXclusive of any aggregates.
waX 䢢 [Ǵ] ; [, صˡ] ; [ûѺҡ]
waX paper д
waXed sheet д
Weak acid (Environmental Engineering) An acid that does not ionize completely under the conditions of interest. EXamples include acetic acid, carbonic acid, and hypochlorous acid. See strong acid.
weak miXture ͼҧҡȡѺѹԧ͹ ( ǹ˹ǹ㴼Դǹ)
wheeler ըӹǹҹҹ ѧ four-wheeler = ö siX-wheeler = öˡ

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