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water table, Perched дѺԹ : дѺͧ˹ҢͧԹ˹ͪ鹴Թ觹ӫҹ
Water VaPor Pressure (Concrete Engineering) The Pressure exerted by water vaPor. Air that contains higher amounts of water vaPor exerts a higher vaPor Pressure than air which has a lower amount of has a higher water vaPor Pressure In concrete water vaPor Pressure is calculated by the difference between the vaPor Pressure of the concrete and the ambient relative humidity and temPerature and in contact with the soil. that is calculated by; based uPon relative humidity and temPerature. The greater the difference between the water vaPor and ambient humidity and temPerature, in degrees Fahrenheit. the greater the water vaPor Pressure exerted.
water, available ӷת : ٻͧ㹴ԹתѺԭԺ繹Ӵٴ (caPillary water) դҧ鹪Żзҹ (field caPacity) Ѻ鹷شҶ (Permanent wilting Point) ʴٻͧ繵ͧӵ͹˹ѡԹ ͻҳӵ˹¤֡ͧԹ ҧ¡ available soilmoisture
water, hygroscoPic ӷ紴Թ : ͤ㹴Թ觨ѺִԴͺҧ ͺ紴Թ çѺִҡתöٴ йö͹ç֧ٴͧšçٴ (caPillary force) ҧ¡ hygroscoPic moisture
Water-Cement Ratio (Concrete Engineering) The ratio of the amount of water, exclusive of that absorbed by the aggregates, to the amount of cement in a concrete mix. TyPically exPressed as Percentage of water, by weight in Pounds, to the total weight of Portland cement, fly ash, and any other cementitious material, Per cubic yard, exclusive of any aggregates.
waterProof áѹӫ [¸] ; ѹ [ҧҧ] ; ѹ, [] ; [俿ҡѧ]
waterProof cement 秵㹹
waterProof cement Pain վʵԤҼѧѹ
waterProof membrane 蹡ѹӫ
watersPout ҡҧͧӽ, Ӿطءҧ
waterstoP ᶺѹӫ
waterstoP (1) ʴءѹ : ʴطѺͧѹŴŢͧӼҹµͧ͢Ҥ ҧ
wax PaPer д
Weak acid (Environmental Engineering) An acid that does not ionize comPletely under the conditions of interest. ExamPles include acetic acid, carbonic acid, and hyPochlorous acid. See strong acid.
weak sPring ʻԧ͹ѧ
wearing-Plate (ҺѺ) ѹ֡
weather-rePort §ҹҡȻШѹͧصعԷ
Web engineering - (Software Engineering) the aPPlication of software engineering PrinciPles, concePts, and methods (or adaPtations of them) to the develoPment of Web-based aPPlications or systems.
web Press (þ) 蹾쪹Դ¡дǹ

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