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wing-cHair վѡҧͧҧ٧
wiper motor control switcH ԷǺѴӽ˹ҡШö
wir brusH çǴ
wir-wHeel öԴǧ繫Ǵ
wire gauze brusH çҹç䴹ӴǴͧᴧ ҹẺç
wire mesH Ǵ硵ç
wire spoker wHeel öԴͧǧ ҧǧͨѡҹ
wire stretcHer ֧ͧǴ, ֧ͧǴ
wire-wrencH ѺǴ֧֧
wisHbone arm ҹִͧ͢˹ö ҧ˹觵ԴѺ
wisHbone, wisHing-bone ִִ͢˹Ңͧö¹ (ѡɳͧ)
witHdrawing-room ͧѺᢡ
witHHold Ѻ
wood -alcoHol š蹨ҡشͼ
wood cHisel ʡѴ
wooden House ͹, ҹ
work bencH ҷӧҹ зӧҹͧҧçҹ
Work breakdown structure (WBS) - (Software Engineering) tHe set of work tasks required to build tHe software; defined as part of tHe process model
Work flow - (Software Engineering) tHe sequence of tasks tHat are required to accomplisH some activity or action; often (but not always) used in conjunction witH software process models
Work product - (Software Engineering) any coHesive and persistent information tHat is produced as a consequence of one or more software engineering actions of tasks

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