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Truck Mixer (Concrete engineering) A concrete mixer capable of mixing concrete in transit when mounted on a truck chassis.
Ultimate biochemical oxygen demand (BODu) (Environmental engineering) The total amount of oxygen required to oxidize any organic matter present in a water, i.e. after an extended period, such as 20 or 30 days.
Ultimate disposal (Environmental engineering) The process of returning residuals back to the environment in a form which will have the minimal or reduced negative environmental impacts.
UML (Unified Modeling Language) - (Software engineering) a comprehensive diagrammatic notation for the analysis and design of software
Unified process - (Software engineering) a "use-case driven, architecture-centric, iterative and incremental" software process that emphasizes the use of UML notation
Unit testing - (Software engineering) part of the testing strategy that focuses on tests to individual program components
Unit Water Content (Concrete engineering) The quantity of water per unit volume of freshly mixed concrete, often expressed as gallons or pounds per cubic yard. This is the quantity of water on which the water cement ratio is based, and does not include water absorbed by the aggregate
Use-case - (Software engineering) a written description that defines a very specific interaction between a user and a system, often (but not always) written in the form of a usage scenario
User - (Software engineering) the person who actually used to software or the product that has software embedded within it
User hierarchy - (Software engineering) a hierarchical representation of the categories of users that will interact with any type of software
User-story - (Software engineering) a usage scenario that is used as part of Extreme programming
Validation - (Software engineering) tests to ensure that the software conforms to its requirements
Vapor Pressure (Concrete engineering) The pressure exerted by a vapor that is calculated based upon relative humidity and temperature. The higher the humidity and higher temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit, the greater the vapor pressure exerted.
Vaporproof (Concrete engineering) A material that is totally immune to the passage of a gas under pressure. Any material that is truly vaporproof will inherently be waterproof.
Vibration (Concrete engineering) Energetic agitation of concrete to assist in its consolidation, produced by mechanical oscillating devices at moderately high frequencies. (A.) External vibration employs a device attached to the forms and is particularly applicable to the manufacture of precast items and for the vibration of tunnel lining forms. (B.) Internal vibration employs an element which can be inserted into the concrete; and is more generally used for cast-in-place construction.
Vicat Apparatus (Concrete engineering) A penetration device used to determine the setting characteristics of hydraulic cements.
Virion (Environmental engineering) A virus particle. Viral DNA or RNA enclosed in an organic capsule. See virus.
Virus (Environmental engineering) A submicroscopic genetic constituent which can alternate between two distinct phases. As a virus particle, or virion, it is DNA or RNA enveloped in an organic capsule. As an intracellular virus, it is viral DNA or RNA inserted into the host organisms DNA or RNA.
Volatile solids (Environmental engineering) (VS) is the amount of matter which volatilizes (or burns) when a water sample is heated to 550EC.Volatile suspended solids
Wagner Fineness (Concrete engineering) The fineness of materials such as portland cement expressed as total surface area in centimeters per gram as determined by the Wagner turbidimeter apparatus and procedure.

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