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Test case design - (Software engineering) a set of techniques for deriving effective test cases
Test cases, derivation of - (Software engineering) the creation of data that can be used to uncover errors in the software
Test plan and procedure - (Software engineering) a description of testing strategy and tactics
Testing - (Software engineering) a set of activities that attempt to find errors
Thermocline (Environmental engineering) The depth at which an inflection point occurs in a lake temperature profile.
Thiols (Environmental engineering) Organic compounds which contain the "-SH" functional group. Also called mercaptans.
Tilt-up (Concrete engineering) A method of concrete construction such as where members are cast horizontally near their eventual position, usually on a recently placed slab, and then tilted into place after removal of forms.
Time-boxing - (Software engineering) a project scheduling and control technique that establishes time boundaries for the completion of a specific project task
Tools - (Software engineering) application software used to perform software engineering tasks (e.g., design tools, testing tools); see also CASE tools
Total dissolved solids (Environmental engineering) (TDS) is the amount of dissolved matter in the water.
Total quality management - (Software engineering) a company commitment to develop a process that achieves high quality product and customer satisfaction
Total solids (Environmental engineering) (TS) is the amount of organic and inorganic matter which is contained in a water.
Total suspended solids (Environmental engineering) (TSS) is the amount of suspended (filterable) matter in a water.
Toxicity (Environmental engineering) A U.S. EPA hazardous waste characteristic defined with a rigorous test procedure, the TCLP (for Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure). In the procedure, a waste is extracted for 24 hours with an acetic acid solution. The acid extract is then analyzed for the presence of any of the contaminants listed in the procedure.
Trace contaminants (Environmental engineering) Contamination found in trace (very low) levels.
Transit-Mixed Concrete (Concrete engineering) Concrete produced from a central-batching plant, where the materials are proportioned and placed in truck-mixers for mixing enroute to the job or after arrival there.
transportation engineering ǡ
Trickling filter (Environmental engineering) An attached growth biological process in which the microbial film is attached to non-moving rock or plastic media.
Trophic level (Environmental engineering) A level in the food chain. The first trophic level consists of the primary producers, autotrophs. The second trophic level is vegetarians which consume autotrophic organisms.
Troposphere (Environmental engineering) The lower atmosphere, from the earth's surface to approximately 12 km. This portion of the earth's atmosphere contains about 95 percent of the atmospheric gases. The temperature gradually declines through this region.

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