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Sterilization (Environmental engineering) The destruction or inactivation of all microorganisms. See Disinfection.
Stratosphere (Environmental engineering) The atmosphere from approximately 12 km to 70 km. The temperature of the atmosphere increases in this region.Strong acid
Stress testing - (Software engineering) a testing task that determines how software responds when it is forced to meet or exceed operational limits
structural engineering ǡ¸ ǡѺ͡Ẻҧ
structure engineering ǡ㹴ҹҧἹѧáҧ
Structured programming - (Software engineering) a design method that limited design constructs to only three basic forms and constrains program flow for better quality
Stucco (Concrete engineering) A portland cement mortar material that can be applied to the surface of any building or structure to form a hard and durable covering for the exterior wails or other exterior surfaces.
Substrate level phosphorylation (Environmental engineering) The synthesis of the energy storage compound adenosine triphosphate (ATP) from adenosine diphosphate (ADP) using organic substrates without molecular oxygen.
Sulfate Attack (Concrete engineering) Deleterious chemical and/or physical re-action between sulfates in ground water or soil and certain constituents in cement, which result in expansion and disruption of the concrete.
Sulfate Resistance (Concrete engineering) Ability of cement paste, aggregate, or mixtures thereof to withstand sulfate attack.
Surface water (Environmental engineering) Water which is contained in lakes, rivers, and oceans.
Suspended growth reactor (Environmental engineering) A reactor in which the microorganisms are suspended in the wastewater. Examples of suspended growth reactors are activated sludge reactors and anaerobic digesters. See attached growth reactor.
Synergism is the act of working together. (Environmental engineering) Two chemicals which are synergistic have a greater effect together than the sum of their individual effects. The effect can be either positive or negative.
System (Environmental engineering) An arbitrarily defined area or volume surrounded by a boundary and possessing specific inputs, outputs, and reactions.
System engineering - (Software engineering) focuses on the analysis and design of all elements of a complete product, service, or technology for the transformation of information or control
Task analysis - (Software engineering) a software engineering action that is conducted as part of user interface design; intended to better understand how a user is to interact with a system
Task set - (Software engineering) a collection fo software engineering tasks that are required to complete an activity or action that is part of a software process framework
Technical risks - (Software engineering) the set of potential technical problems or occurrences that may cause the project to fail
Temper (Concrete engineering) The addition of water to the cement mix whether at the batch plant, during transit or at the jobsite to achieve the specified water to cement ratio.
Temperature Rise (Concrete engineering) The increase of concrete temperature caused by heat of hydration and heat from other sources.

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