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Slump Cone (Concrete engineering) A metal mold in the form of a truncated cone with a top diameter of 4, a bottom diameter of 8, and a height of 12, used to fabricate the specimen for a slump test.
Smoke testing - (Software engineering) an integration testing approach that constructs and tests software on a daily basis
Softening (Environmental engineering) The removal of divalent cations by precipitation or ion exchange.
Software - (Software engineering) programs, documents and data
Software engineering - (Software engineering) a discipline that encompasses the process associated with software development, the methods used to analyze, design and test computer software, the management techniques associated with the control and monitoring of software projects and the tools used to support process, methods, and techniques.
Software metrics - (Software engineering) quantitative measures of the process or the product
Software problem report - (Software engineering) a report of a defect
Software process improvement (SPI) - (Software engineering) a set of software engineering activities that attempt to improve the state of software engineering practice within an organization
Software quality assurance (SQA) - (Software engineering) a series of activities that assist an organization in producing high quality software
Software Requirements Specification - (Software engineering) a deliverable that describes all data, functional and behavioral requirements, all constraints, and all validation requirements for software
Software safety - (Software engineering) an SQA activity that focuses on the identification and assessment of potential hazard that may have a negative impact on the operation of software
Software testing - (Software engineering) a set of activities conducted with the intent of finding errors in software
Source reduction (Environmental engineering) The elimination or reduction of the waste at the source by modification of the actual process which produces the waste.
Spall (Concrete engineering) A fragment, usually of flaky shape, detached from a larger mass by pressure, expansion from within the larger mass, a blow, or by the action of weather.
Species (Environmental engineering) In chemistry, an ion or molecule in solution.
Spiral model - (Software engineering) an evolutionary software engineering paradigm
Stakeholders - (Software engineering) any person of group that has a stake in the successful completion of a software project
State transition diagram (STD) - (Software engineering) a notation for behavioral modeling
Statistical quality assurance - (Software engineering) techniques for process improvement that are based on measurements of the product and the process
Stepwise refinement - (Software engineering) a technique for accomplishing functional decomposition or procedural design (also called partitioning)

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