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Refuse derived fuel (RDF) (Environmental engineering) A fuel derived from the combustible portion of municipal solid waste. The fuel is often processed into small briquettes, similar in size to charcoal.
Regression testing - (Software engineering) tests that are conducted repeated to ensure that a change has not introduced side effects
Reliability - (Software engineering) a measure of the degree to which software operates reliably over some period of time
Requirements analysis - (Software engineering) a modeling activity whose objective is to understand what the customer really wants
Requirements engineering - (Software engineering) the activities required to elicit, elaborate, negotiate, specify, and validate system or software requirements
Resources - (Software engineering) anything that is required to get the project done, people, hardware, materials, information, etc.
Respiration (Environmental engineering) Energy production in which oxygen is the terminal electron acceptor, i.e. oxidation to produce energy where oxygen is the oxidizing agent. See fermentation.
Retardation (Concrete engineering) Delaying the hardening or strength gain of fresh concrete, mortar or grout.
Retempering (Concrete engineering) The addition of water and remixing of concrete which has started to stiffen: usually not allowed as it may affect the ultimate strength.
Reusability - (Software engineering) the ability to reuse an already-existing program component in another application
Reusable components - (Software engineering) configuration items that are reusable
Reverse engineering - (Software engineering) trying to develop design models or an understanding of design using program code as a starting point
Reversible reaction (Environmental engineering) A reaction in which the reactant(s) proceed to product(s), but the products react at an appreciable rate to reform reactant(s).
Revibration (Concrete engineering) Delayed vibration of concrete that has already been placed and consolidated. Most effective when done at the latest time a running vibrator will sink of its own weight into the concrete and make it plastic and workable again.
Risk - (Software engineering) a potential problem or occurrence that put a project in jeopardy
Risk analysis - (Software engineering) a techniques for identifying and evaluating risks
Risk Management and Monitoring Plan (RMMP) - (Software engineering) a plan for mitigating, monitoring and managing risks
Rock Pocket (Concrete engineering) Area or portion of hardened concrete which is deficient in mortar and consisting primarily of coarse aggregate and open voids; caused by insufficient consolidation or separation during placement, or both; by leakage from form.
Rod (tamping) (ASTM C24l) (Concrete engineering) A round, straight steel rod, 5/8' in diameter and approximately 24' in length, having the tamping end rounded into a hemispherical tip, the diameter of which is 5/8'.
Runoff (Environmental engineering) The water that flows overland to lakes or streams during and shortly after a precipitation event.

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