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Project planning - (Software engineering) the activity that creates the Project Plan
Project risks - (Software engineering) the set of potential project problems or occurrences that may cause the project to fail
Project scope - (Software engineering) a statement of basic requirements of the software to be built
Project size - (Software engineering) an indication of the overall effort to be expended or the number of people working on the project
Project tracking - (Software engineering) the activity that enables a manager to understand the status of a project
Prototyping - (Software engineering) the creation of a mock-up of an application
Publicly owned treatment works (POTW) (Environmental engineering) A municipal or domestic wastewater treatment facility.
Pumping (of Pavements) (Concrete engineering) The ejection of a mixture of water and solid materials such as clay or silt along cracks, transverse or longitudinal joints, and along pavement edges caused by downward slab movement due to the passage of heavy loads, machinery or equipment over the pavement after free water has accumulated in or on the subbase, subgrade or basecourse.
Quality - (Software engineering) the degree to which a product conforms to both explicit and implicit requirements
Quality function deployment (QFD) - (Software engineering) a technique that translates the needs of a customer in technical requirements for software by assessing the value of each requirement
Quality management - (Software engineering) a set of software engineering actions that helps ensure that software is built in a way that achieves high quality
Quality metrics - (Software engineering) measures of quality
Re-engineering - (Software engineering) a series of activities that transform legacy systems (with poor maintainability) into software that exhibits high quality
Reactive waste (Environmental engineering) A waste which; 1) reacts violently with water, 2) forms potentially explosive mixtures with water, 3) is normally unstable, 4) contains cyanide or sulfide in sufficient quantity to evolve toxic fumes at high or low pH, 5) is capable of exploding if heated under pressure, or 6) is an explosive compound listed in Department of Transportation (DoT) regulations. One of EPA's four hazardous waste properties.
Reaeration (Environmental engineering) The dissolving of molecular oxygen from the atmosphere into the water.
Rebound (Concrete engineering) Wet shotcrete or sand and cement which bounces away from a surface again at which pneumatically applied mortar is being projected.
Receiving water (Environmental engineering) A water which receives wastewater (treated or otherwise) discharges.
Receiving water quality standards (Environmental engineering) Standards which require a discharger to maintain a certain quality level in the receiving water.
Recycling (Environmental engineering) The recovery and reuse of a product which would otherwise be thrown away.
Refactoring - (Software engineering) changing software in a way that improves its internal structure but does not change it external behavior; often conducted iteratively as design evolves into code.

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