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Portland Blast- slag Cement Furnace (ASTM C 595) (Concrete engineering) The product obtained by intimately intergrinding or an intimate and uniform blending a mixture of granulated blast furnace slag and portland-cement clinker
Portland Cement (ASTM C 150) (Concrete engineering) The product obtained by pulverizing clinker consisting essentially of hydraulic calcium silicates.
Portland-Pozzolan Cement (ASTM C 595) (Concrete engineering) The product obtained by intimately intergrinding a mixture of portland-cement clinker and pozzolan, or an intimate and uniform blend of portland cement and fine pozzolan.
POTW (Environmental engineering) or Publicly Owned Treatment Works Any municipally owned wastewater treatment facility.
Pozzolan (ASTM C 618) (Concrete engineering) A siliceous, or siliceous and aluminous material, which in itself possesses little or no cementitious value but will, in a finely divided form, such as a powder or liquid and in the presence of moisture, chemically react with calcium hydroxide at ordinary temperatures to form permanent, insoluble compounds possessing cementitious properties.
Precast (Concrete engineering) A concrete unit, structure or member that is cast and cured in an area other than its final position or place.
Preliminary design - (Software engineering) creates representation of the data and architecture
Preplaced Concrete (Concrete engineering) Concrete manufactured by placing clean, graded coarse aggregate in a form and later injecting a portland cement-sand grout under pressure, to fill the voids.
Pretensioning (Concrete engineering) A method of prestressing reinforced concrete in which the steel is stressed before the concrete has hardened and restrained from gaining its unstressed position by bond to the concrete.
Primary standards (Environmental engineering) Required drinking water quality standards related directly to human health. These standards are required and enforceable by the U.S. EPA. See secondary standards.
Primary treatment (Environmental engineering) Treatment which includes all operation prior to and including primary treatment, e.g., bar screening, grit removal, comminution, and primary sedimentation.
Procaryotic organisms (Environmental engineering) Organisms which do not have a cellular membrane.
Procedural design - (Software engineering) creates representations of algorithmic detail within a module
Process framework - (Software engineering) a relatively small set of fundamental software engineering activities that define a software process
Processing narrative - (Software engineering) a natural language description of a model (program component)
Producers (Environmental engineering) Autotrophic organisms which produce protoplasm using inorganic carbon and energy from the sun.
Productivity - (Software engineering) work output per unit time
Project control - (Software engineering) the control of quality and change
Project database - (Software engineering) the place where configuration items are kept
Project Plan - (Software engineering) a description of the management approach for a project

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