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priZe ŧ 硧Ѵ
Project siZe - (Software Engineering) an indication of the overall effort to be expended or the number of people working on the project
proteroZoic óԷؤҳ
pulveriZer ( ͧѡ ) ͧѵ繼
puZZolan ٹ 繻ٹ秵Ǫ ͹ٹ Դ " Portland Cement " عԴ¹ѹ㹻Ѩغѹ
quartZ 誹Դ˹ ӾǡǡѺѡɳ
quartZ iodine lamp 俿ҪԴǤͷèʹչ
raZe ŧҺ˹Ҥͧ (Ҥ )
Reactive waste (Environmental Engineering) A waste which; 1) reacts violently with water, 2) forms potentially explosive mixtures with water, 3) is normally unstable, 4) contains cyanide or sulfide in sufficient quantity to evolve toxic fumes at high or low pH, 5) is capable of exploding if heated under pressure, or 6) is an explosive compound listed in Department of Transportation (DoT) regulations. One of EPA's four haZardous waste properties.
RecogniZed 繷ѡ
Refuse derived fuel (RDF) (Environmental Engineering) A fuel derived from the combustible portion of municipal solid waste. The fuel is often processed into small briquettes, similar in siZe to charcoal.
Respiration (Environmental Engineering) Energy production in which oxygen is the terminal electron acceptor, i.e. oxidation to produce energy where oxygen is the oxidiZing agent. See fermentation.
Rigid: (english) An idealiZed concept meaning something which does not deform under loading. In fact, all objects deform under loading, but in modelling it can be useful to idealiZe very stiff objects as rigid.
root Zone ࢵҡת : Zone, root
rubber cement ҧԴҹѵصҧ 觼Ե鹨ҡԸյѴҧ繪 Carbon disulphate ѴҴշش BenZol վж١ҡ , Gasolinc ѹҡ͹ѹ
salt graZed pipe ʹԹ
saturation Zone ࢵ : Zone, saturation
Screen (or Sieve) (Concrete Engineering) A metallic sheet or plate, woven wire cloth, or similar device, with regularly spaced openings of uniform siZe, mounted in a suitable frame or holder for use in separating material according to siZe.
sectionaliZed recloser 䡵Ѵ͹ѵѵ
seismic Zone map Ἱ觾鹷عçͧ蹴Թ

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