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Nitrification (Environmental engineering) The biological oxidation of ammonia and ammonium sequentially to nitrite and then nitrate. It occurs naturally in surface waters, and can be engineered in wastewater treatment systems. The purpose of nitrification in wastewater treatment systems is a reduction in the oxygen demand resulting from the ammonia.
Nitrogen fixation (Environmental engineering) The conversion of atmospheric (or dissolved) nitrogen gas into nitrate by microorganisms.
Nitrogenous oxygen demand (NOD) (Environmental engineering) The amount of oxygen required to oxidize any ammonia present in a water.
Non-agitating Unit (Concrete engineering) A truck-mounted unit for transporting ready-mixed concrete short distances, not equipped to provide agitation (slow mixing) during delivery.
Non-evaporable Water (Concrete engineering) The water in concrete which is irremovable by oven drying; chemically combined during cement hydration.
Nonpoint source pollution (NPSP) (Environmental engineering) Any pollution from a source which cannot be attributed to a particular discharge point, e.g. from agricultural crops, city streets, construction sites, etc.
NPDES (Environmental engineering) The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System. The discharge criteria and permitting system established by the U.S. EPA as a result of the Clean Water Act and its subsequent amendments or the permit required by each discharger as a result of the Clean Water Act.
Object-oriented - (Software engineering) an approach to software development that makes use of a classification approach and packages data and processing together
Object-oriented analysis (OOA) - (Software engineering) a technique for defined classes of objects, their relationships and basic structure
Object-oriented design (OOD) - (Software engineering) a technique for translating the OOA model into an implementation model
Objects - (Software engineering) a named element of the problem domain containing data and processing
OCL (Object Constraint Language) - (Software engineering) a supplement to UML, this formal language allows a software engineer to construct unambiguous statements about the characteristics of various design model elements
Organic compound (Environmental engineering) Any compound containing carbon except for the carbonates (carbon dioxide, the carbonates and bicarbonates), the cyanides, and cyanates.
Organic nitrogen (Environmental engineering) Nitrogen contained as amines in organic compounds such as amino acids and proteins.
Ottawa Sand (Concrete engineering) A sand used as a standard in testing hydraulic cements by means of mortar test specimens. Sand is produced by processing silica rock particles obtained by hydraulic mining of the orthoquartzite situated in open-pit deposits near Ottawa, Illinois; naturally rounded grains of nearly pure quartz.
Outsourcing - (Software engineering) contracting software work to a third party
Overvibration (Concrete engineering) Excessive vibration of freshly mixed concrete during placement-causing segregation.
Oxidative phosphorylation (Environmental engineering) The synthesis of the energy storage compound adenosine triphosphate (ATP) from adenosine diphosphate (ADP) using a chemical substrate and molecular oxygen.
Pair programming - (Software engineering) two people work together (side-by-side) to design and construct a software component, providing real-time problem solving and quality control.
Paper prototype - (Software engineering) a paper representation of an application (e.g., story boards that describe the interaction at a human interface)

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