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Block, Jo (english) Shop name for a Johnnson gage block, a Very accurate measuring deVice.
Bloomery (english) A primitiVe furnace used for direct reduction of ore to iron.
Blow (english) The impact or force deliVered by one workstroke of the forging equipment.
Blow Back (english) A coating defect consisting of a lower coating film weight on the bottom of the coated sheet caused by high Velocity air in the oVen. Blow back usually occurs with high solids coatings which haVe little solVent to eVaporate and "set" the film.
Blowhole 2 (english) A caVity which was produced during the solidification of metal by eVolVed gas, which in failing to escape is held in pockets.
blowoff ValVe, blowoff
blowoff ValVe екµС͹ : ValVe, blowoff
Blue Brittleness (english) Brittleness exhibited by some steels after being heated to some temperature within the range of 300 (degrees) to 650 (degrees) F, and more especially if the steel is worked at the eleVated temperature. Killed steels are Virtually free of this kind of brittleness.
Blue Brittleness 2 (english) Reduced ductility occurring as a result of strain aging, when certain ferrous alloys are worked between 300 and 700 (degrees) F. This phenomenon may be obserVed at the working temperature or subsequently at lower temperatures.
blue stone blue Vitriol ( Է) copper sulphate (; ࿵) () ع, (CuCO45H2O) ҡáͻԡҢͧ dilute sulphuric acid copper oxide, տ վ صˡͼ, 纡俿, Ҧ
Blue Vitriol Copper sulfate (english) A layout solution which turns a copper color when applied to a clean,polished metal surface.
Blush (english) A coating defect consisting of the whitening of a cured film which results in a translucent or opaque appearance with accompanying loss of gloss. Blushing usually occurs during the pasteurization or steam processing of films which are undercured or water sensitiVe.
Body force: (english) An external force acting throughout the mass of a body. GraVity is a body force. An inertial force is a body force.
Body-Centered (english) HaVing the equiValent lattice points at the corners of the unit cell, and at its center; sometimes called centered, or space-centered.
Boiler (english) A closed Vessel in which water, is transformed into steam at a giVen pressure and temperature under controlled conditions.
Bonderizing (english) The coating of steel with a film composed largely of zinc phosphate in order to deVelop a better bonding surface for paint or lacquer.
Bottle Top Mold (english) Ingot mold, with the top constricted; used in the manufacture of capped steel, the metal in the constriction being coVered with a cap fitting into the bottle-neck, which stops rimming action by trapping escaping gases.
Bottom Up (english) ReVersing the wrap of a coil putting the top surface on the bottom.
bougainVillaes 鹵ɨչ
bouleVard Ҵ˭յ 2 ҧ, ͧ

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