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base oF gear lever ҹͧѺ駢ͧѹ ҡкءͧ
base oF wall չᾧ, ҹᾧ
Base Type (english) Tin Mill term; Thickness divided by .00011. Also weight in pounds oF one Base Box oF Tin plate. In Finished inventory base weight is speciFied instead oF decimal thickness.
Baseline - (SoFtware Engineering) a point at which some deliverable produced during the soFtware engineering process is put under Formal change contro
basement Floor ͧع͵֡ͧԹ
basic method oF construction Ըͧ鹢ͧáҧ
Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) (english) "WHAT A pear-shaped Furnace, lined with reFractory bricks, that reFines molten iron From the blast Furnace and scrap into steel. Up to 30% oF the charge into the BOF can be scrap, with hot metal accounting For the rest. WHY BOFs, which can reFine a heat (batch) oF steel in less than 45 minutes, replaced open-hearth Furnaces in the 1950s; the latter required Five to six hours to process the metal. The BOF's rapid operation, lower cost and ease oF control give it a distinct advantage over previous methods. HOW Scrap is dumped into the Furnace vessel, Followed by the hot metal From the blast Furnace. A lance is lowered From above, through which blows a high-pressure stream oF oxygen to cause chemical reactions that separate impurities as Fumes or slag. Once reFined, the liquid steel and slag are poured into separate containers. "
Basic Oxygen Process (english) (BOP) A process in which molten steel is produced in a Furnace by blowing oxygen into molten iron, scrap and Flux materials. The Furnace is known as Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF).
Basic Oxygen Process 2 (english) A steel making process wherein oxygen oF the highest purity is blown onto the surFace oF a bath oF molten iron contained in a basic lined and ladle shaped vessel. The melting cycle duration is extremely short with quality comparable to Open Hearth Steel.
Basic Steel (english) Steel melted in a Furnace with a basic bottom and lining and under a slag containing an excess oF a basic substance such as magnesia or lime.
Basis path testing - (SoFtware Engineering) a white box test case design technique that used the algorithmic Flow oF the program to design tests
Basis set - (SoFtware Engineering) the set oF tests derived using basis path testingBehavioral modeling -
Basket Screen (english) A First stage in-line water Filter For water delivered From the New Blowing Room Pump Room to the Blast Furnace. The strainer contains an electric-driven rotary sieve that catches particulates and prevents them From entering the water system.
Bastard (english) Threads,parts,tools and sizes that are not standard, such as, Bastard Nuts, Bastard Plus, bastaard Fittings and so Forth. The term also reFers to a standard coarse cut File.
bastard cut File 亪Դ˹Һ˹
bastard File 交Һ´,亢ҴҧҺ´
Batch Anneal (english) The process by which a large, stationary stack oF steel coils (4 coils high) is subjected to a long heat-treating cycle. This process enables the cold-rolled sheet to Fully recrystallize into the soFtest possible product conForming to customer speciFications. Controlling the recrystallization process makes a Fine-grained microstructure easy to obtain, and minimizes the tendencies For retention oF directional properties oF the rolled steel which could produce undesirable shapes in the stamping oF a cylindrical part such as a can. Also see Anneal and Continuous Anneal.
Batch Oven (english) Oven use to bake a number oF cores at one time.
Bath (english) Molten metal on the hearth oF a Furnace, in a crucible, or in a ladle
Bath Annealing (english) Is immersion is a liquid bath (such as molten lead or Fused salts) held at an assigned temperature-when a lead bath is used, the process is known as lead annealing.

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