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Maintainability - (Software engineering) the degree to which a program is amenable to change
Maintenance - (Software engineering) the activities associated with changes to software after it has been delivered to end-users
Make-buy decision - (Software engineering) determining whether software should be built internally, acquired, contracted or built from reusable components
Mass balance (Environmental engineering) An organized accounting of all inputs and outputs to an arbitrary but defined system. Stated in other terms, the rate of mass accumulation within a system is equal to the rate of mass input less the rate of mass output plus the rate of mass generation within the system.
Mass Curing (Concrete engineering) Adiabatic curing, using sealed containers.
Maximum contaminant level (MCL) (Environmental engineering) The maximum allowable concentration of a given constituent in potable water.
Maximum Size Aggregate (Concrete engineering) Aggregate whose largest particle size is present in sufficient quantity to affect the physical properties of concrete; generally designated by the sieve size on which the maximum amount permitted to be retained is 5 or 10 percent by weight.
Measurement - (Software engineering) collecting quantitative data about the software or the software engineering processMetrics -
Metabolism (Environmental engineering) The processes which sustain an organism, including energy production, synthesis of proteins for repair and replication.
Metalimnion (Environmental engineering) The middle layer of a lake.
Milestones - (Software engineering) a point in time that is used to indicate progress during a project
Mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS) (Environmental engineering) The total suspended solids concentration in the activated sludge tank.
Mixed liquor volatile suspended solids (MLVSS) (Environmental engineering) The volatile suspended solids concentration in the activated sludge tank.
Mixing Speed (Concrete engineering) Rate of mixer drum rotation or that of the paddles in a pan, open-top, or trough type mixer, when mixing a batch; expressed in revolutions per minute (rpm) or in peripheral] feet per minute of A point on the circumference at maximum diameter.
Modular design - (Software engineering) a design approach that stresses modularity
Modularity - (Software engineering) an attribute of a design that leads to the creation of high quality program components
Moist Room (Concrete engineering) A room used for storing and curing cementitious test specimens. The atmosphere of this room is maintained at a temperature of 73.4 3.0'F or 23.0*1.7'0 and relative humidity of at least 98 percent. These facilities must be adequate to continually maintain free moisture on the exteriors of test specimens.
Navigation analysis - (Software engineering) a Web engineering action that establishes how a user will navigate between various elements (e.g., content, functions) of a WebApp
Neat Cement (Concrete engineering) Unhydrated hydraulic cement.
Neat Cement-Paste (Concrete engineering) A mixture of water and hydraulic cement, both before and after setting and hardening.

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