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Bevel (english) Angle formed betWeen the prepared edge of the end of tube and a plane perpendicular to the surface. Standard pipe bevel is 30 degrees.
Big Winch (english) The tool used to spot (or position) the rail cars for unloading. It is located on the north end of the unloading area.
Billet (english) (1) A semi-finished section hot rolled from a metal ingot, With a rectangular cross section usually ranging from 16 to 36 in., the Width being less than tWice the thickness. Where the cross section exceeds 36 in., the term bloom is properly but not universally used. Sizes smaller than 16 in. are usually termed bars; a solid semi-finished round or square product Which has been hot Worked by forging, rolling, or extrusion. (2) A semi-finished, cogged, hot rolled or continuous-cast metal product of uniform section, usually rectangular With radiused corners. Billets are relatively larger than bars.
Billet 2 (english) A solid semi-finished round or square product that has been hot Worked by forging, rolling, or extrusion. An iron or steel billet has a minimum Width or thickness of 1 1/2 in. and the cross-sectional area varies from 2 1/4 to 36 sq. in. For nonferrous metals, it may also be a casting suitable for finished or semi-finished rolling or for extrusion.
Billet container (english) The part of the extrusion press into Which the billet to be extruded is placed.
Bimetal (english) Casting, usually centrifugal, made of tWo different metals, fused together.
Binary Alloy (english) An alloy containing tWo elements, apart from minor impurities, as brass containing the tWo elements copper and zinc.
binding Wire Ǵ١
Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) (Environmental Engineering) The amount of oxygen required to oxidize any organic matter present in a Water during a specified period of time, usually 5 days. It is an indirect measure of the amount of organic matter present in a Water.
Biosynthesis (Environmental Engineering) Catabolism, the production of neW cellular materials from other organic or inorganic chemicals.
Bismuth (english) Chemical symbol Bi. A soft, course cystalline heavy metal With a silvery White color and pinkish tinge; usually produced as a by-product of copper,leaad and other metals. Has a thermal conductivity loWer than all other metals except mercury. Used as alloying agent but leading use is in pharmaceuticals.
Black Annealing (english) A process of box annealing or pot annealing ferrous alloy sheet, strip or Wire after hot Working and pickling.
Black box testing - (SoftWare Engineering) testing that does not focus on the internal details of the program but uses external requirements
Black Oil Tempered Spring Steel Strip (Scaleless Blue) (english) A flat cold rolled usually .70/.80 medium high carbon steel strip, blue-black in color, Which has been quenched in oil and draWn to desired hardness. While it looks and acts much like blue tempered spring steel and carries a RockWell hardness of C44/47, it has not been polished and is loWer in carbon content. Used for less exacting requirements than clock spring steel, such as snaps, lock springs, hold doWn springs, trap springs, etc. It Will take a more severe bend before fracture than Will clock spring, but it does not have the same degree of spring-back.
Black Plate (english) A light Weight or a thin uncoated steel sheet or strip so called because of its dark oxide coloring prior to pickling. It is manufactured by tWo different processes. (1) Form sheet bar on single stand sheet mills or sheet mills in tandem. This method is noW almost obsolete. (2) On modern, high speed continuous tandem cold reduction mills from coiled hot rolled pickled Wide strip into ribbon Wound coils to finished gage. Sizes range from 12 to 32 in Width, and in thicknesses from 55 lbs. to 275 lbs. base box Weight. It is used either as is for stampings, or may be enameled or painted or tin or terne coated.
black Walnut () С Juglansniya չ˹ѡҡ, ҹ դ͹ҧͧӵ§, ǡк͡׹ͧ㹺ҹ
BLADDER (english) A separator or diaphragm usually found in a chamber to facilitate separation of tWo (2) fluids or gases.
Blank 2 (english) A piece of stock (also call a slug or multiple) from Which a forging is to be made.
blank Wall ᾧֺ, ᾧժͧ˹ҵҧͻе
Blast Cleaning (blasting) (english) A process for cleaning or finishing metal objects by use of an air jet or centrifugal Wheel that propels abrasive particles (grit, sand, or shot) against the surfaces of the Workpiece at high velocity.

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