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Billet 2 (english) A solid semi-finished round or square product that has been hot worked by forging, rolling, or extrusion. An iron or steel billet has a minimum width or thickness of 1 1/2 in. and the cross-sectional area Varies from 2 1/4 to 36 sq. in. For nonferrous metals, it may also be a casting suitable for finished or semi-finished rolling or for extrusion.
Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) (EnVironmental Engineering) The amount of oxygen required to oxidize any organic matter present in a water during a specified period of time, usually 5 days. It is an indirect measure of the amount of organic matter present in a water.
Biofilm (EnVironmental Engineering) A film of microorganisms attached to a surface, such as that on a trickling filter, rotating biological contactor, or rocks in natural streams.
Biogeochemical cycle (EnVironmental Engineering) The cycle of elements through the biotic and abiotic enVironment.
Biosynthesis (EnVironmental Engineering) Catabolism, the production of new cellular materials from other organic or inorganic chemicals.
Bismuth (english) Chemical symbol Bi. A soft, course cystalline heaVy metal with a silVery white color and pinkish tinge; usually produced as a by-product of copper,leaad and other metals. Has a thermal conductiVity lower than all other metals except mercury. Used as alloying agent but leading use is in pharmaceuticals.
Black Oil Tempered Spring Steel Strip (Scaleless Blue) (english) A flat cold rolled usually .70/.80 medium high carbon steel strip, blue-black in color, which has been quenched in oil and drawn to desired hardness. While it looks and acts much like blue tempered spring steel and carries a Rockwell hardness of C44/47, it has not been polished and is lower in carbon content. Used for less exacting requirements than clock spring steel, such as snaps, lock springs, hold down springs, trap springs, etc. It will take a more seVere bend before fracture than will clock spring, but it does not haVe the same degree of spring-back.
black Vanish ѡմӫѺ׺ͻԴͧ
black Varnish ꤸҫҴŧ
Blacking Hole (english) Irregular-shaped surface caVities in a casting containing carbonaceous matter. Caused by spilling off of the blacking from the mold surface.
Blast Cleaning (blasting) (english) A process for cleaning or finishing metal objects by use of an air jet or centrifugal wheel that propels abrasiVe particles (grit, sand, or shot) against the surfaces of the workpiece at high Velocity.
Blast Furnace (english) 1) A furnace in which solid fuel (limestone, coke, iron ore) is combined with high-pressure, hot air blast (120,000 psi) to smelt ore in a continuous process (They are neVer stopped. They can be slowed down or idled). A Blast Furnace in the iron and steel industry is used to produce liquid iron.
Blast Furnace 2 (english) A Vertical shaft type smelting furnace in which an air blast is used, usually hot, for producing pih iron. The furnace is continuous in operation using iron ore, coke, and limestone as raw materials which are charged at the top while the molten iron and slag are collected at the bottom and are tapped out at interVals.
Blast Furnace Slag (Concrete Engineering) A non-metallic waste product deVeloped in the manufacture of pig iron, consisting basically of a mixture of lime, silica and alumina, the same oxides that make up portland cement, but not in the same proportions or forms. It is used both in the manufacture of portland blast furnace slag cement and as an aggregate for lightweight concrete.
Blasting (Blast Cleaning) (english) A process for cleaning or finishing metal objects by use of an air blast or centrifugal wheel that throws abrasiVe particles against the surface of the work pieces. Small, irregular particles of steel or iron are used as the abrasiVe in grit blasting, and steel or iron balls in shot blasting.
BLEED-OFF (english) To diVert a specific, controllable portion of pump deliVery directly to reserVoir.
Bleeder (english) A defect wherein a casting lacks completeness due to moltn metal draining or leaking out of some part of the mold caVity after pouraing has stopped.
Blister (english) 1) Coating defect consisting of the formation of bubbles in a coating, which appear as hemispherical eleVations. The blisters are hollow, and are usually caused by entrapped air or solVent. 2) A raised spot on the surface on the surface of metal due to expansion of gas which causes a subsurface metal separation such as inclusions and small laminations.
Blister 2 (english) A defect in metal, on or near the surface, resulting from the expansion of gas in a subsurface zone. Very small blisters are called pinheads or pepper blisters.
Blister Steel (english) High-carbon steel produced by carburizing wrought iron. The bar, originally smooth, is coVered with small blisters when remoVed from the cementation (carburizing) furnace.

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