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Irreversible reaction (Environmental engineering) A reaction in which the reactant(s) proceed to product(s), but the products react at an appreciable rate to reform reactant(s).
ISO 9001:2000 - (Software engineering) a quality assurance standard that applies to software engineering
Isomers (Environmental engineering) Two or more different compounds with the same chemical formula but different structure and characteristics.
Jacking Equipment (Concrete engineering) In prestress concrete, the device used to stress the tendons.
Jacking Force (Concrete engineering) The temporary force exerted by the jacking device which introduces tension into the tendons. Jacking Stress In prestress concrete, the maximum stress occurring in a tendon during stressing.
Joint application development (JAD) - (Software engineering) a specific FAST technique
Keene's Cement (Concrete engineering) A finely ground high density plaster composed of anhydrous, (calcined or "dead burned") gypsum, the set of which is accelerated by the addition of other materials.
Kelly Ball (Concrete engineering) A device for determining the consistency of fresh concrete. It is sometimes used as an alternative to the slump test.
Kerogen (Environmental engineering) A fossilized organic material present in oil shale and some other sedimentary rocks.
Ketones (Environmental engineering) Organic compounds with two hydrocarbon groups bonded to a carbonyl group.
Landfill (Environmental engineering) A legal and controlled area for the placement of wastes into the ground.
Landfilling (Environmental engineering) The placement of wastes into the land under controlled conditions to minimize their migration or effect on the surrounding environment.
Levels of abstraction - (Software engineering) the degree of detail with which some representation of the software is presented
Ligand (Environmental engineering) The ion or molecule which surrounds or complexes with the central atom or ion.
Limnology (Environmental engineering) The study of freshwater ecosystems.
Line-of-code metrics - (Software engineering) measures of quality or productivity that are normalized using lines of code produced
Load testing - (Software engineering) a testing task that determines how software (often a WebApp) will respond to various loading conditions
LOC - (Software engineering) lines of code
Loop testing - (Software engineering) a white box testing technique that exercises program loops
Magnetite (Concrete engineering) An aggregate used in heavy weight concrete, consisting primarily of ferrous metaferrite (Fe304). A black magnetic iron ore with a specific gravity of approximately 5.2 and a Mohs hardness of about 6.

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