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concrete miXer ͧ͹յ
concrete miXture ü͹յ
condenser eXperiment ʹ蹷ͧҧ俿
conjugate aXis 鹼ٹҧ鹷鹷شͧٻ
Connection: (english) Connection is similar to the concept of support, eXcept that connection refers to a relationship between members in a structural model. A connection restrains degrees of freedom of one member with respect to another. For each restrained degree of freedom, there is a corresponding force transferred from one member to the other; forces associated with unrestrained degrees of freedom are zero. See fiXed connection and pin connection.
conveX ٹ͡ҧ͡
core boX plane
Corrective maintenance - (Software Engineering) finding and fiXing defects that have been reported by users
Coupling - (Software Engineering) an informal measure of the degree to which a software component is connected to other components, to data, and to the eXternal environment
Covalent bond (Environmental Engineering) A bond in which electrons are shared approXimately equally by two atoms.
crucifiX ҧࢹ
curve, advance ҿӤ׺˹ : ҿʴѹҧҹѺҡ (᡹ Y) Ѻзҧ件֧شҧ Ѻҡŧ (᡹ X)
cut out boX ѷҷ, 觺èǴСǷҡ俿ҼҹԹѵҡ˹ fuse break
Cyclomatic compleXity - (Software Engineering) a measure of the logical compleXity of an algorithm, used in white-boX testing
darby ͧͩҺٹ շѺ 2 Ҵ 7" X 42"
dead aXle () ᡹Ѻ˹ѡ͹ǵǧͷع仴
Decomposers (Environmental Engineering) Organisms which utilize energy from wastes or dead organisms. Decomposers complete the cycle by returning nutrients to the soil or water and carbon dioXide to the air or water.
Degree of Freedom: (english) A displacement quantity which defines the shape and location of an object. In the two dimensional plane, a rigid object has three degrees of freedom: two translations and one rotation. In three dimensional space, a rigid object has siX degrees of freedom (three translations and three rotations).
Denitrification (Environmental Engineering) The anoXic biological conversion of nitrate to nitrogen gas. It occurs naturally in surface waters low in oXygen, and it can be engineered in wastewater treatment systems.
deoXidised copper ͧᴧ袨Ѵ͡繴¡ deoXidiser

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