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belt conVeyor ¾ҹӢ੾ ͹觢ͧҡ˹ѧա˹
belt driVe âѺع¾ҹش¡ѧ
bench Vice ҡ蹵ԴѺѺ˹պѵ
Bench Work (english) Work done primarily at a bench with hand tools. Occasionlly suplemented by small power-driVen tools.
Bench-Blower (english) A small core-blowing machine, utilizing a remoVable sand magazine and blow heat.
Bend Test (english) Various tests which is used to ascertain the toughness and ductility of a metal product, in which the material is bent around its axis and/ or around an outside radius. A complete test might specify such a bend to be both with and against the direction of grain. For testing, samples should be edge filed to remoVe burrs and any edgewise cracks resulting from slitting or shearing. If a Vice is to be employed, then you must line the jaws with some soft metal, to permit a flow of the metal in the piece being tested.
Bending (english) A preliminary forging operation to giVe the piece approximately the correct shape for subsequent forming.
Bending Angle (english) A 'V-shaped' piece of angle iron attached to the rear of the coil car in the Strip Steel, which is used to help the operator put bends into the front end of a coil.
Bending Strength (english) Upper limit of normal stress of a beam at which fracture or excessiVe plastic deformation occurs.
Bent Axis Pumps (english) In this pump, the pistons are at an angle to the driVe shaft and Thrust Plate. The piston block shaft is connected to the driVe shaft by a uniVersal joint, not shown. The driVe shaft, thrust plate, piston block shaft, and piston block all reVolVe. The connecting rods are attached to the thrust plate and reVolVe with it, unlike the swash plate pump where the piston rods slide past a stationary swash plate. The outlet ports are semi-circular holes in the ValVe Plate, shown on the far right of the animation on edge and in a head-on View below, right. As the pump reVolVes, half the pistons suck in fluid as they pass oVer the intake port. The other pistons discharge their fluid through the outlet port. This pump should be compared to the radial piston pump, swash plate pump, and wobble pump.
bent leVer () ѹ¡ Шҡ鹵駩ҡѺдѺ
Bentonite (english) A colloidal clay deriVed from Volcanic ash and employed as a binder in connection with synthetic sands, or added to ordinary natural (clay-bonded) sands where extra strength is required.
Beryllium Copper (english) An alloy of copper and 2-3% beryllium with optionally fractional percentages of nickel or cobalt. Alloys of this series show remarkable age-hardening properties and an ultimate hardness of about 400 Brinell (Rockwell C43). Because of such hardness and good electrical conductiVity, beryllium-copper is used in electrical switches, springs, etc.
Bessemer Process (english) A process for making steel by blowing air through molten pig iron contained in a refractory lined Vessel so that the impurities are thus remoVed by oxidation.
BETA RATIO (#) (english) The amount, expressed as a ratio, of particles in a fluid stream upstream of a filter, after the fluid posses through a filter, diVided by the amount of particles downstream, for a particular size particle.
BeVel (english) Angle formed between the prepared edge of the end of tube and a plane perpendicular to the surface. Standard pipe beVel is 30 degrees.
beVel gears () ͧ¡ѧҧͧ ͧһҹѹٻҡ ͧҵѴѹٻҡ ¡ nutergear
beVel protractor ͧѴҡԴѺͧ
beVeled sticks (þ) ѺѺحѴͺǾ蹾
Billet (english) (1) A semi-finished section hot rolled from a metal ingot, with a rectangular cross section usually ranging from 16 to 36 in., the width being less than twice the thickness. Where the cross section exceeds 36 in., the term bloom is properly but not uniVersally used. Sizes smaller than 16 in. are usually termed bars; a solid semi-finished round or square product which has been hot worked by forging, rolling, or extrusion. (2) A semi-finished, cogged, hot rolled or continuous-cast metal product of uniform section, usually rectangular with radiused corners. Billets are relatiVely larger than bars.

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