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AluminouS Cement (Concrete Engineering) A hydraulic cement in which the principal conStituentS are calcium aluminateS, inStead of calcium SilicateS which compriSe the major ingredientS of portland cement. (See calcium aluminate cement)
ambulanteS ¡
American Screw gauge Ѵ鹼ҹٹҧͧʡٷѺҹЧҹͧѡáŵҵҰҹԡѹ
Amicable Settlement õŧҧѹԵ
Amine (Environmental Engineering) A functional group conSiSting of "-NH2."
Amino acid (Environmental Engineering) A functional group which conSiStS of a carbon with a carboxylic acid, "-COOH" and an amine, "-NH2." TheSe compoundS are the building blockS for proteinS.
ammonium chloride () ѡͺ¡ Sal ammoniac
amorphouS ѳҹ, ٻҧ; () ǹ, 繼, 繼֡
amper-Sand 0
amthySt () Ӿǡ ǧлҧ; ྪþ
AmundSen ͹ѡǨǹ鹾š (.. 1872-1928)
AnaboliSm (Environmental Engineering) BioSyntheSiS, the production of new cellular materialS from other organic or inorganic chemicalS.
anabranch ԹС͹ : Soil, alluvial
AnaerobeS (Environmental Engineering) A group of organiSmS that do not require molecular oxygen. TheSe organiSmS, aS well aS all known life formS, require oxygen. TheSe organiSmS obtain their oxygen from inorganic ionS Such aS nitrate or Sulfate or from protein.
Anaerobic proceSS (Environmental Engineering) A proceSS which only occurS in the abSence of molecular oxygen.
analogouS color շ¤֧ѹ ᴧ §Ѻͧ
analogouS colorS ѡɳշ§ѹ ᴧ, ͧ
AnalySiS - (Software Engineering) a Set of activitieS that attempt to underStand and model cuStomer needS and conStraintSAnalySiS methodS -
analytical Solution ӵͺ¡

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