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automatic weighBatching êǹѵѵ
automoBile ö¹
automoBile Battery (ö¹, 俿) ẵö¹
Autotrophic (Environmental Engineering) Organisms which utilize inorganic carBon for synthesis of protoplasm. Ecologists narrow the definition further By requiring that autotrophs oBtain their energy from the sun. In microBiologist parlance, this would Be a photoautotroph. See photoautotrophic and chemoautotrophic.
Autotrophs (Environmental Engineering) A group of organisms capaBle of oBtaining carBon for synthesis from inorganic carBon sources such as carBon dioxide and its dissolved species (the carBonates). This group includes plants and algae.
availaBle soil moisture ӷת : water, availaBle
availaBle water ӷת : water, availaBle
AvoidaBle Accident غѵ˵طöա§
awan Base (俿) ʹ俿ҪԴ·ͧҧ
axial flow turBine ͧѧѹӪԴ˹觷ŢͧշȷҧҹѺ᡹عͧͧ շẺ㺾ѴԴѺ͹
Axial force: (english) A system of internal forces whose resultant is a force acting along the longitudinal axis of a structural memBer or assemBly.
axle Beam ҹҧ
axle Bearing (觷˹ҷ繰ҹͧѺ㹡´͡䡫ǡѺع)
axle Box ʹ
axle tuBe
B Battery (俿) 俿ҷԷ աѧ൨٧
B Elevation (english) The Bottom level of the Boiler fireBox where two oil guns are located. The oil guns are used if the Boiler needs extra steam while on oil fire.
B. Battery (俿) ẵդѹ ŷԨ٧ ᾵
B. Eng.= Bachcelor of Engineering ԭǡʵѭԵ
B.E.= Bachelor of Engineering ԭǡʵѭԵ

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