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HAPs (Environmental engineering) Hazardous air pollutants.
Heterotrophic (Environmental engineering) A group of organisms which obtain carbon for synthesis from other organic matter or proteins.
High-order tests - (Software engineering) black-box tests conducted once the software has been integrated
Hindered (Zone) settling (Environmental engineering) Settling in which particle concentrations are sufficient that particles interfere with the settling of other particles. Particles settle together as a body or structure with the water required to traverse the particle interstices.
Holding Period Period (Concrete engineering) In the manufacture of concrete products, the period between completion of casting and the introduction of additional heat or the steam curing period
HRM High Reactivity Metakaolin. (Concrete engineering) Refined form of an ASTM C618, Class N (natural) pozzolan. A high performance, mineral admixture, similar in performance to silica fume, additionally comparable in cost. Pure white powdered in form will, not effect the natural color or darken concrete as silica fume does. Suitable for high-performance color matching in architectural concrete. Dosage at 5% to 10%, of cement by weight. No bleed water, better finishability, more creamy, cleanup is easier with slightly higher 28 day strengths and 25% - 35% less plasticizer is required than silica fume.
Hydrocarbon (Environmental engineering) Any organic compound composed entirely of carbon and hydrogen. Two examples are methane gas and octane.
Hydrogenesis (Concrete engineering) Another term for condensation. The term is especially applied to base and soil substrates under highway pavements. where the barometric pump causes the inhalation of humid air, which then condenses in those structures, causing an ever increasing moisture content and sometimes instability.
Hydrologic Cycle (Concrete engineering) The Hydrologic Cycle consists of the evaporation of water from oceans and other bodies of open water; condensation to produce cloud formations; precipitation of rain, snow, sleet or hail upon land surfaces; dissipation of rain or melted solids by direct run-off into lakes and by seepage into the soil. Thereby producing a continuing endless source of water in the sub-grade.
Hypolimnion (Environmental engineering) The lower layer of a lake.
Impermeable (Concrete engineering) The ability of a material or product to reduce or eliminate gaseous transmissions through it's mass; measured as the rate of Water Vapor Transmission (WVT). Note: Not all materials that are waterproof are vaporproof; all materials that are vaporproof are inherently waterproof.
In situ treatment (Environmental engineering) Treatment of a waste in place, as opposed to pumping or digging the waste up and then treating it.
Independent test group (ITG) - (Software engineering) a group of people whose primary responsibility is software testing
Infectious disease (Environmental engineering) A disease caused by pathogenic organisms.
Influent (Environmental engineering) The fluid entering a system, process, tank, etc. An effluent from one process can be an influent to another process. See effluent.
Integration - (Software engineering) the specific approach to integration testing
Integration testing - (Software engineering) a testing step that constructs the software while testing it
Interface design - (Software engineering) a software engineering action that establishes the structure and workflow for a user interface; follows three "golden rules:" place the user in control, reduce the user's memory leoad, make the interface consistent.
Interoperability - (Software engineering) the degree to which one application communicates or interfaces with another
Ion exchange (Environmental engineering) An adsorption process in which one ion is exchanged for another ion of like charge. There is an equivalence of exchanged charge.

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