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Back Gears (english) Gears Fitted to a machine to increase the number oF spindle speeds obtainable with a cone or step pulley belt drive.
back kick áеءѺͧͧ¹ẺǡѺ back Firing (ẺԴ㹢ѹعʵͧ˹ö ˵ط§ͧͧ¹աѺ)
BACK PRESSURE (english) The level oF pressure on the return or downstream side oF a device or system.
Back Rake (english) The angular surFace ground back From the cutting edge oF cutting tools. On lathe cutting tools. The rake is positive iF the Face slopws down From the cutting edge toward the shank, and negative iF the Face sloopes upward toward the shank.
Back-up Balance (english) Cylinders that supply the Force used to hold the back-up rolls up in place.
BACK-UP RING (english) A Fabric or plastic device that is used with an o-ring or other gasket to prevent extrusion oF the o-ring or gasket into an adjacent space or crevice
Back-up Roll (english) 1) Roll used as a support roll mainly For plater rolls. 2) Two rolls, one on top and one on bottom oF the two work rolls which apply pressure and reduce the Flexing oF the work rolls.
Backer (back-up plate) (english) A tool or reinForcing part, which presses against the outer surFace oF an extrusion die, supporting it against the pressure oF the extruding metal. The backer has an opening larger than the die aperture, allowing the extruded product to emerge without marring its soFt surFace.
backFill Թź, ԹѺ׹
backFill(1) ź : 1. Թʴ ѹѧҤê-зҹ ҧ 2. ö᷹ʴط١ش
backing For arches öѵصҧ ѧ
backing oF a wall ǷҺº´ҹѧͧᾧ úèԹ͹԰ѡѡᾧѹԹк¹
Backing Sand (english) The bulk oF the sand in the Flask. The sand compacted on top oF the Facing sand that covers the pattern.
BackoFF Removal oF part oF coil From entry end oF unit; may be necessitated by a deFect in coil or by a wreck in the mill, etc. BackoFF weight is the part oF the coil that is removed and not Finished/produced.
BACKUP BOTTLE (english) A vessel, normally cylindrical, which is used to store gas For Future release oF the energy in the compressed gas to an accumulator.
Backward Extrusion (english) Forcing metal to Flow in a direction opposite to the motion oF a punch or die.
Backwardation (english) Market condition where the spot, or current price For a metal is higher than the three-month delivery price. This usually indicates immediate demand is perceived to be stronger than long-term demand. Not considered to be a "normal" market state (See Contango).
BaFFle ế, 蹡 [Ǵ] ; кѧ [صˡ] ; 蹡 [俿] ; 蹡, ǡմҧ [硷͹ԡ]
baFFle pier ѹ : ǹСͺͧҤ¾ѧẺ˹
baFFle plate з, ͹ 硡кѧ

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