vanish into the air
   Variety is the spice of life.
   vent one's spleen on
   very thing
   vexed question
   vicious circle
   villain of the piece
   vote of confidence
   vote of thanks
   vent one's spleen
   video jokey
   visit from Flo
   vital statistics
   verbal diarrhoea
   vertical bacon sandwich
   vaccinate against
   vaccinate with
   vacillate between
   value above
   value as
   value at
   value for
   vamp up
   vanish away
   vanish from
   vary between
   vary from
   vary in
   vary with
   vault into
   vault over
   veer from
   veer off
   veer round
   veer to
   vent on
   venture forth
   venture on
   venture out
   verge on
   vest in
   vest with
   vex at
   vex with
   vie for
   vie in
   vie with
   vindicate for
   vindicate to
   visit on
   visit with
   volt out
   volunteer for
   vomit out
   vote against
   vote down
   vote in
   vote on
   vote onto
   vote through
   vote with
   vote with one's feet
   vouch for
   V sign
   vaccum tube
   vacuum bottle
   vacuum brake
   vacuum cleaner
   value-added tax
   vampire bat
   Van Buren, Martin
   Vandyke beard
   vanishing cream
   vantage point
   varicose vain
   vas deferens
   vasa deferentia
   Vatican City
   vaudeville show
   vaulting horse
   V-E Day
   vending machine
   venereal disease
   verbal noun
   vermiform appendix
   vertebral column
   very high frequency
   very low frequency
   vestal vergin
   Veterans Day
   vice admiral
   vice chancellor
   vice consul
   vice consular
   vice president
   vice regent
   vice squad
   vice versa
   Vichy water
   Victoria Cross
   Viet Cong
   vintage wine
   vintage year
   viola da gamba
   Virgin Islands
   Virgin Mary
   Virgin Queen
   Virginia creeper
   virtual reality
   virus disease
   vis-a- vis
   visitor centre
   vitamin A
   vitamin A2
   vitamin B complex
   vitamin B1
   vitamin B12
   vitamin B2
   vitamin B6
   vitamin C
   vitamin D
   vitamin D2
   vitamin D3
   vitamin deficiency
   vitamin E
   vitamin G
   vitamin H
   vitamin K
   vitamin K1
   vitamin K2
   vitamin P
   vitamin pill
   vitamin tablet
   vitreous humor
   viva voce
   V-J Day
   vocal cords
   voice box
   voltaic battery
   voltaic cell
   volume business
   vox populi