the blind leading the blind
   thick as thieves
   thick as two short planks
   thin as a rake
   tight as a tick
   tough as old boots
   Tom, Dick, and Harry
   tail wagging the dog
   take a bow
   take a dim view of
   take a fancy to
   take a hand in
   take a hard line
   take a hint
   take a licking
   take a liking to
   take a new turn
   take a raincheck
   take a risk
   take a shine to
   take a shot at
   take a spill
   take a turn for the better
   take a turn for the worse
   take break
   take forty winks
   take gander
   take heart
   take heed
   take ill
   take it easy on
   take it or leave it
   take kindly to
   take leave of one's senses
   take liberties with
   take note
   take office
   take on too much
   take one at one's word
   take one's cue from
   take one's medicine
   take one's own life
   take one's time
   take place
   take root
   take sides
   take someone under one's wing
   take the biscuit
   take the bit between one's teeth
   take the bull by the horns
   take the floor
   take the law into one's own hands
   take the liberty of doing something
   take the rough with the smooth
   take the stand
   take the trouble
   take the wind out of someone's sails
   take the words out of one's mouth
   take time out
   take to one's heels
   take too much on
   taken aback
   taken for dead
   talk nineteen to the dozen
   talk of the town
   talk until one is blue in the face
   tall story
   tan someone's hide
   tear one's hair
   teething troubles
   tell it the marines
   tell people apart
   tell someone a thing or two
   tell someone where to get off
   tell tales out of school
   tell the time
   tell things apart
   tell which is which
   thank one's lucky stars
   thankful for small mercies
   That makes two of us.
   That takes care of that
   That will do.
   That'll be the day.
   That's about the size of it
   That's how it goes.
   That's last straw
   That's that
   That's the straw that broke the camel's back
   That's the ticket
   That's the way the cookie crumbles
   The boot is on the other foot
   The coast is clear
   The early bird catches the worm
   The fat is in the fire
   The heavens opened
   The honeymoon is over
   The more the merrier
   The odds are against one
   The party's over
   The penny dropped
   The plot thickens
   The sky's the limit
   The spirit is willing
   The world is someone's oyster
   The worm turned
   the year dot
   the year one
   Them's fighting words
   then and there
   There are plenty of other fish in the sea
   There is no doing something
   There is trouble brewing
   There will be the devil to pay
   Thereby hangs a tale.
   There's more than one way to kill a cat
   There's no smoke without fire.
   thick and fast
   thin end of the wedge
   thin on the ground
   thin on top
   thin out
   Things are looking up.
   think a great deal of
   think a lot of
   think highly of
   think little of
   think much of
   think nothing of
   think nothing of doing something
   think on one's feet
   think out loud
   think the world of
   think twice
   through and through
   through hell and high water
   through with
   throw a fit
   throw good money after bad
   throw in one's hand
   throw someone
   thumb a lift
   tie the knot
   tied to one's mother's apron-strings
   tighten one's belt
   till the cows come home
   time after time
   time and again
   time flies
   Time hangs heavy on someone's hands
   Time is money
   Time is up.
   time out of mind
   time was when
   Time will tell
   to a great extent
   to and fro
   to boot
   to date
   to kick off with
   to no avail
   to one's heart's content
   to put it mildly
   to say nothing of
   to say the least
   to some extent
   to someone's liking
   to someone's way of thinking
   to the best of one's ability
   to the best of one's knowledge
   to the bitter end
   to the contrary
   to the core
   to the ends of the earth
   to the last
   to the letter
   to the nth degree
   to the tune of some amount of money
   To the victors belong the spoils.
   to whom it may concerns
   toe the line
   too big for one's boots
   too big for one's britches
   too close for comfort
   too good to be true
   too much of a good thing
   top something
   touch a sore point
   touch a sore spot
   tough act to follow
   tough furrow to plough
   Tough luck!
   tough row to hoe
   tower of strength
   Trouble is brewing
   true to form
   true to one's word
   try on something
   try one's hand
   try one's luck
   try one's wings
   try out
   try out someone
   try someone out
   try someone's patience
   try something on
   tuck into something
   tumble to something
   turn in one's grave
   turn a blind eye to
   turn a deaf ear
   turn about
   turn of the century
   turn on the heat
   turn on the waterworks
   turn one's back
   turn one's coat
   turn out a new leaf
   turn out all right
   turn out to be
   turn someone's head
   turn someone's stomach
   turn the heat on
   turn the other cheek
   turn the tables
   turn the tide
   turn turtle
   turn up one's toes
   twiddle one's thumbs
   twist someone around one's little finger
   twist someone's arm
   two a penny
   two of a kind
   two's company
   two-time someone
   take a chill pill
   take a lot of nerve
   take a nosedive
   Take care.
   take it easy
   take it to the street
   take the pledge
   takes two to tango
   tale of woe
   talk turkey
   talking head
   tap dance like mad
   tell the world
   That tears it
   That'll be the day
   That's all someone needs.
   That's show business.
   That's what I say.
   The way it plays
   the works
   tied up
   till hell freezes over
   till kingdom come
   tin cow
   tin hat
   tits and ass
   to beat the band
   to die for
   to hell with that
   to the max
   toilet water
   tons of something
   tonsil paint
   tonsil varnish
   top banana
   top dog
   top story
   tornado juice
   tough cookie
   tough guy
   tough luck
   tricks of the trade
   troad hog
   tea leaf
   telephone numbers
   the business
   the cold shoulder
   the crack of sparrow's fart
   the dogs
   the dogs bollocks
   the filth
   the gee gees
   the nick
   the time of the month
   the trots
   the trouser department
   thick as a brick
   thick as pigshit
   thrupenny bits
   time of the month
   tin bath
   to blow a raspberry tart
   to do a bunk
   top bannana
   top drawer
   tortoise head
   trouble and strife
   trouser action
   trouser department
   trouser snake
   tub of lard
   tummy banana
   turd burglar
   turn it in
   turtles head
   two n eight
   table d'hote
   table linen
   table of contents
   table set
   table tennis
   tableau curtain
   tabula rasa
   tag end
   tail end
   tail lamp
   tail light
   tail pipe
   tailgate party
   Taj Mahal
   take after
   take apart
   take away
   take away from
   take care
   take care of
   take charge of
   take fright
   take hold of
   take into account
   take leave
   take off
   take out
   take over
   take part in
   take turn
   take up
   talcum powder
   talent scout
   talk about
   talk at
   talk away
   talk back
   talk down
   talk down to
   talk into
   talk out of
   talk over
   talk round
   tank top
   tanked up
   tap house
   tap water
   tape recorder
   tape recording
   target language
   tariff wall
   tartar sauce
   task force
   taste bud
   tax dodger
   tax rate
   Te Deum
   tea bag
   tea ball
   tea tray
   tear bomb
   tear gas
   technical knockout
   tecket of leave
   teddy bear
   teddy boy
   tee shirt
   teething ring
   Tel Aviv
   telegraphic transfer
   telephone directory
   telephone line
   telephone receiver
   television program
   television station
   Temperate Zone
   temporal bone
   tender offer
   tennis ball
   tennis court
   tenon saw
   tenpenny nail
   terra cotta
   terra firma
   territorial waters
   test case
   test tube
   test-tube baby
   thank you
   Thanksgiving bird
   Thanksgiving Day
   theme song
   thigh bone
   think about
   think better of
   think of
   think out
   think over
   think tank
   third degree
   third dimension
   third party
   third person
   third-degree burn
   thorn apple
   throw away
   thumb index
   thyroid gland
   ticke of leave
   ticke-of-leave man
   tidal wave
   tie up
   tiger lily
   tiger moth
   time and a half
   time bomb
   time clock
   time consuming
   time exposure
   time lock
   time off
   time zone
   tin can
   tin foil
   tin god
   tired of
   tissue paper
   tit for tat
   title deed
   title page
   title role
   tittle tattle
   toe dance
   together with
   toggle switch
   toilet bowl
   toilet brush
   toilet paper
   toilet powder
   toilet roll
   toilet soap
   toing and froing
   toll bridge
   toll call
   Tom Thumb
   tone color
   tongue and groove
   tongue twister
   tooth and nail
   tooth comb
   tooth powder
   top boot
   top brass
   top cat
   top hat
   top hit
   torpedo boat
   torpido boat
   Torrid Zone
   tour de force
   touring car
   tow car
   tow-away zone
   town clerk
   town house
   town planning
   trace element
   tracer bullet
   tracing paper
   track and field
   track meet
   track record
   track shoe
   tractor truck
   trade name
   trade off
   trade price
   trade route
   trade union
   trade wind
   trading stamp
   traffic circle
   traffic cop
   traffic jam
   traffic light
   traffic police
   traffic regulations
   trailing arbutus
   transitive verb
   trap door
   trap mine
   travel agency
   travel agent
   travel to
   treasury bill
   treasury certificate
   treasury note
   treasury reserves
   tree shrew
   tree surgery
   trench coat
   trial and error
   trial balance
   trip over
   triumphal arch
   Trojan horse
   Trojan War
   trolley bus
   trolley car
   trolley coach
   trolley line
   tropic of Cancer
   tropic of Capricorn
   tropical cyclone
   tropical plant
   tropical year
   troy wight
   true man
   trump card
   trunk line
   truss bridge
   trust company
   trust fund
   trust territory
   try square
   tsetse fly
   tufted titmouse
   tug of war
   tuning fork
   Turkey towel
   Turkish bath
   turn pale
   turn signal
   turning point
   tussock moth
   Twelfth Day
   twilight zone
   twin bed
   twin room
   two-way radio
   tympanic membrane
   typhoid fever
   tack about
   tack down
   tack on
   tackle about
   tag along
   tag out
   tag together
   tail after
   tail back
   tail in
   tail off
   tailor to
   taint with
   take a chance
   take a grip
   take a look at
   take a seat
   take a walk
   take aback
   take aboard
   take about
   take abroad
   take across
   take against
   take along
   take amiss
   take another person at his word
   take as
   take ashore
   take aside
   take at
   take back
   take before
   take below
   take between
   take by
   take down
   take easy
   take for
   take fright at
   take from
   take hard
   take home
   take in
   take it from me
   take offence at
   take on
   take out in
   take out of
   take out on
   take pains over
   take pity on
   take revenge for
   take revenge in
   take round
   take sick
   take sides against
   take someone by surprise
   take someone down (a peg or two)
   take someone for
   take someone on one side
   take someone to task
   take someone to wife
   take someone's breath away
   take someone's word for it
   take something on the chin
   take something for granted
   take something on trust
   take something up with
   take the easy way out
   take the hat round
   take through
   take to
   take together
   take turns
   take umbrage at
   take unawares
   take under
   take up on
   take up to
   take up with
   take with
   talk above
   talk big
   talk for
   talk nineteen
   talk of
   talk of the devil
   talk off
   talk on
   talk out
   talk through
   talk to
   talk up
   talk with
   tally with
   tamp down
   tamper with
   tangle up
   tangle with
   tank up
   tap at
   tap down
   tap for
   tap in
   tap off
   tap on
   tap out
   tap with
   taper off
   tar with
   tart up
   taste of
   taunt with
   tax with
   team up
   tear a strip off
   tear about
   tear across
   tear along
   tear apart
   tear at
   tear away
   tear between
   tear down
   tear from
   tear in
   tear into
   tear off
   tear one's hair out
   tear out
   tear someone off a strip
   tear to
   tear up
   tease out
   tee off
   tee up
   teem down
   teem in
   teem with
   telephone in
   telescope into
   tell about
   tell apart
   tell between
   tell by
   tell from
   tell of
   tell off
   tell on
   tell over
   tell time
   tell to
   tell two things or two persons apart
   tell with
   temper with
   tempt from
   tempt into
   tempt to
   tend to
   tend towards
   tender for
   tense for
   tense up
   terrify into
   terrify out of
   test for
   test out
   testify against
   testify for
   testify to
   thank for
   that goes without saying
   thaw out
   the game is up
   the hunt is up
   the mind boggies
   theorize about
   thicken up
   thin down
   think again
   think ahead
   think back
   think before
   think fit
   think for
   think for oneself
   think on
   think through
   think to
   think up
   thirst for
   thrash about
   thrash out
   thread through
   threaten with
   thrill at
   thrill with
   thrive on
   throb away
   throng in
   throng into
   throng out
   throttle back
   throw a spanner in the works
   throw about
   throw aside
   throw at
   throw away on
   throw back
   throw back on
   throw caution to the winds
   throw down
   throw down one's arms
   throw down one's tools
   throw down the gauntlet
   throw for
   throw in
   throw in the towel
   throw in with
   throw into
   throw off
   throw on
   throw one's hat into the ring
   throw one's mind back
   throw open
   throw out
   throw over
   throw overboard
   throw someoneto the floor
   throw someone off balance
   throw someone out of work
   throw something in someone's face/teeth
   throw something to the dogs
   throw the book at
   throw to
   throw together
   throw up
   throw up one's hand
   thrum on
   thrust against
   thrust aside
   thrust at
   thrust away
   thrust back
   thrust down
   thrust forward
   thrust from
   thrust home
   thrust in
   thrust into
   thrust on
   thrust something down someone's throat
   thrust through
   thrust towards
   thrust upon
   thumb through
   thump on
   thump out
   thunder against
   thunder out
   thuner overhead
   tick away
   tick off
   tick over
   tickle someone to death
   tide over
   tidy away
   tidy out
   tidy up
   tie back
   tie down
   tie down to
   tie in
   tie in with
   tie into
   tie off
   tie on
   tie one on
   tie to
   tie together
   to begin with
   turn a cold shoulder to
   turn a deaf ear to
   turn it up
   turn left
   turn loose
   turn off
   turn on
   turn one's back on
   turn one's face towards
   turn one's hand to
   turn out
   turn out of
   turn over
   turn over to
   turn something to account
   turn to
   turn topsy-turvy
   turn towards
   turn under
   turn up
   turn up trumps
   twinkle with
   twist around
   twist round
   the United States