round the clock
   rare as hen's teeth
   regular as clockwork
   race against time
   rack against time
   rack one's brains
   rain cats and dogs
   rain or shine
   raise Cain
   raise hell
   raise one's sights
   raise one's voice
   raise the wind for
   rank and file
   rant and rave
   rap someone's knuckles
   rarin' to go
   rat on
   rat race
   rate someone
   reach an agreement (with someone)
   reach for the sky
   read between the lines
   read someone like a book
   read someone to Riot Act
   read someone's mind
   rear its ugly head
   red herring
   red in the face
   red tape
   regain one's composure
   regain one's feet
   relative to
   resign oneself to something
   rest assured
   rest on one's laurels
   return someone's compliment
   return the compliment
   return the favour
   return ticket
   rev something up
   rift in the lute
   right and left
   right away
   right on time
   Right on!
   right side up
   right under someone's nose
   right up someone's street
   ring a bell
   ring down the curtain
   ring in the New Year
   ring the changes
   ring true
   ripe old age
   rise and shine
   rise to the occasion
   risk one's neck
   rob Peter to pay Paul
   rock the boat
   Rome wasn't built in a day
   root and branch
   rule of thumb
   rule the roost
   run a fever
   run a risk
   run a temperature
   run a tight ship
   run an errand
   run in the family
   run of the mill
   run out of time
   run riot
   run the risk
   run to seed
   run wild
   rush one's fences
   race car
   race meeting
   race relations
   race riot
   radiant energy
   radiation sickness
   radical sign
   radio astronomy
   radio wave
   rag doll
   rag trade
   railroad crossing / level crossing
   railway line
   railwayman / railman / railroader
   rain check
   rain gauge
   rainy day
   rainy season
   rake up
   rallying cry
   rallying point
   ranch house
   random-access memory
   rara avis
   rarae aves
   rare bird
   rare earth
   rare-earth element
   rare-earth metal
   ratbite fever
   rate cap
   rate of exchange
   rate of interest
   rate of return
   raw material
   razor blade
   reading age
   reading room
   read-only memory
   reafforestation / reforestation
   real ale
   real estate
   real time
   rear admiral
   rec room
   received pronunciation
   record player
   recovery room
   recuring decimal
   red blood cell
   red carpet
   Red Cross
   red flag
   red hat
   Red Indian
   red light
   red man
   red meat
   red pepper
   Red Sea
   red-letter day
   red-light district
   reductio ad absurdum
   reed instrument
   reed organ
   refer to
   reference book
   regard as
   regardless of
   register office
   registered nurse
   Regular Army
   reign of terror
   reinforced concrete
   relay race
   relief map
   relief road
   remote control
   removal van
   Renaissance man
   reported speech / indirect speech
   research and development
   rest room
   restaurant car
   resting place
   revenue stamp
   revolving door
   rhetorical question
   rheumatic fever
   rheumatoid arthritis
   rhythm method
   rhythmic gymnastics
   ribonucleic acid
   Richter scale
   right angle
   right of way
   right wing
   rigor mortis
   Rinbinson Crusoe
   ring finger
   rip cord
   rise up
   river basin
   road hog
   road runner
   Robin Hood
   rock and roll
   rock bottom
   rock crystal
   rock 'n' roll
   rock salt
   rocker arm
   rocking chair
   rocking horse
   Rocky Mountains
   rogues' gallery
   roll call
   roll of honour
   Roller Blade
   roller coaster
   roller skate
   rolling mill
   rolling stock
   roll-on roll-off
   Rom. Cath.
   Roman candle
   Roman Catholic
   Roman Catholic Church
   Roman Empire
   Roman nose
   roof garden
   room and board
   root beer
   rose water
   Rotary Club
   round on
   round robin
   round table
   round trip
   round-trip ticket
   royal blue
   royal family
   royal jelly
   rubber band
   rubber plant
   rubber stamp
   rule of three
   rummage sale
   run away
   run out
   run up
   runner bean
   rush hour
   Russian roulette
   rabbit on
   race against
   race against the clock
   race around
   race through
   race up
   rack up
   rack with
   radiate form
   rage against
   rage out
   rage through
   rail against
   rail off
   railroad into
   railroad through
   rain down
   rain in
   rain off
   rain on
   raise a glass to
   raise a hand to
   raise a man to the purple
   raise against
   raise an objection to
   raise from
   raise one's hat to
   raise someone from the dead
   raise to
   raise up
   raise with
   rake about
   rake in
   rake it in
   rake off
   rake out
   rake over old ashes
   rake over
   rake someone over the coals
   rake through
   rally from
   rally round
   rally to
   ram down
   ram home
   ram into
   ram something down someone's throat
   ram through
   ramble on
   ramp about
   rampage about
   rampage along
   range from
   range in
   range over
   range with
   rank among
   rank as
   ransack for
   rap at
   rap on
   rap out
   rap someone on the knuckles
   rap with
   rasp out
   rate above
   rate among
   rate as
   rate at
   rate up
   rate with
   ration out
   rattle along
   rattle around in
   rattle away
   rattle down
   rattle off
   rattle on
   rattle over
   rattle through
   rave about
   rave against
   ravel out
   raze to
   re commit to
   reach after
   reach back
   reach down
   reach for
   reach for the moon
   reach forward
   reach into
   reach out
   reach to
   reach up
   react against
   react on
   react to
   read about
   read around
   read as
   read back
   read between
   read for
   read from
   read in
   read into
   read off
   read on
   read oneself to sleep
   read out
   read over
   read through
   read to
   read up
   read up on
   realize from
   reap from
   rear up
   reason against
   reason from
   reason into
   reason out
   reason out of
   reason with
   rebel against
   rebel at
   rebound from
   rebuke for
   recall from
   recall something to mind
   recall to
   recast in
   recede from
   receive as
   receive back
   receive from
   receive into
   reck of
   reckon among
   reckon as
   reckon for
   reckon from
   reckon in
   reckon on
   reckon to
   reckon up
   reckon with
   reckon without
   reckon without one's host
   reclaim from
   recognize as
   recognize by
   recoil from
   recoil on
   recommend as
   recommend for
   recommend to
   recompense for
   reconcile to
   reconcile with
   reconstruct from
   record from
   record on
   record onto
   recount to
   recoup for
   recover from
   recriminate against
   recruit from
   recruit into
   recuperate from
   recur to
   redeem from
   redound on
   redound to
   reduce by
   reduce from
   reduce in
   reduce someone to tears
   reduce to
   reef in
   reek of
   reek with
   reel back
   reel from
   reel in
   reel out
   refer back
   refer back to
   refine on/upon
   reflect back
   reflect favourably on
   reflect in
   reflect on
   refrain from
   refresh with
   refund to
   refuse to
   regain from
   regale with
   regard with
   register as
   register for
   register in
   register with
   regress to
   reign over
   reimburse for
   reimburse to
   rein back
   rein up
   reinforce with
   reinstate in
   rejoice at
   rejoice in
   relapse into
   relate to
   relax in
   relax on
   relax one's grip on
   relay out
   relay to
   release from
   release to
   relegate to
   relieve from
   relieve of
   relieve oneself
   relinquish of
   relinquish to
   relocate in
   rely on
   remain abreast of
   remain ahead
   remain ahead of
   remain at
   remain at one's post
   remain away
   remain behind
   remain clear
   remain cool
   remain down
   remain in contact
   remain in office
   remain in sight
   remain in
   remain indoors
   remain of
   remain off
   remain on one's feet
   remain on the right side of
   remain on the right side of the law
   remain on
   remain one step ahead of
   remain open
   remain together
   remain under
   remain up
   remain within
   remain within bounds
   remand for
   remand in
   remand to
   remark on
   remember as
   remember in
   remember someone in one's will
   remember to
   remind of
   reminisce about
   reminisce with
   remit to
   remonstrate about
   remonstrate with
   remove from
   rend in
   rend to
   rend to pieces
   render down
   render for
   render help to
   render into
   render to
   render up
   renege on
   rent at
   rent out
   rent to
   repair to
   repatriate to
   repay by
   repay for
   repay with
   repeat itself
   repeat oneself
   repel from
   repent of
   repine against
   replace by
   replenish with
   reply for
   reply to
   report back
   report for
   report on
   report out
   report sick
   report to
   repose in
   repose on
   represent as
   represent to
   reprimand for
   reprint from
   reprint in
   reproach for
   reproach with
   reproduce from
   reproduce in
   reprove for
   repulse from
   repute as
   request from
   require of
   requisition as
   requisition from
   requite with
   rescue from
   research into
   resemble in
   reserve for
   reside in
   resign from
   resign to
   resolve into
   resolve on
   resort to
   resound in
   resound with
   respect for
   respect oneself
   respond to
   rest against
   rest from
   rest in
   rest on
   rest on one's oars
   rest up
   rest with
   restitute to
   restore to
   restrain from
   restrict to
   result from
   result in
   retail at
   retail to
   retain on
   retaliate against
   retire from
   retire from the world
   retire into
   retire on
   retire to
   retire to bed
   retreat from
   retreat to
   retrieve from
   return from
   return to
   return with
   reunite with
   rev up
   reveal to
   revel in
   revenge on
   reverberate in
   reverberate with
   revert to
   revile against
   revolt against
   revolve about
   reward for
   rhapsodize about
   rhyme with
   rid of
   riddle with
   ride at
   ride away
   ride down
   ride for
   ride herd on
   ride high
   ride on
   ride out
   ride over
   ride roughshod over
   ride someone on a rail
   ride to
   ride to hounds
   riffle through
   rifle through
   rig out
   rig up
   ring about
   ring around
   ring back
   ring down
   ring for
   ring hollow
   ring in
   ring off
   ring on
   ring out
   ring out the old year
   ring round
   ring through
   ring up
   ring up the curtain
   ring with
   rinse down
   rinse out
   rinse with
   riot in
   rip across
   rip apart
   rip away
   rip down
   rip from
   rip in
   rip into
   rip off
   rip out
   rip someone to pieces
   rip to
   rip up
   rise above
   rise from
   rise from the ashes
   rise from the dead
   rise from the ranks
   rise in someone's estimation
   rise in the world
   rise to
   rise to one's feet
   rise to the bait
   rise to the challenge
   rise to the surface
   risk on
   rivet on
   roam about
   roar at
   roar down
   roar out
   rob of
   rock about
   rock to
   roll about
   roll away
   roll back
   roll by
   roll down
   roll in
   roll off
   roll on
   roll one's sleeves up
   roll out
   roll over
   roll round
   roll up
   roll with
   romp about
   romp home
   romp through
   roof in
   room together
   room with
   root about
   root for
   root in
   root out
   root to
   root up
   rootle about
   rope in
   rope into
   rope off
   rope together
   rope up
   rot away
   rot off
   rot out
   rough in
   rough it
   rough out
   rough up
   round down
   round in
   round off
   round out
   round up
   rouse from
   rouse to
   rout out
   rout up
   row with
   rub against
   rub along
   rub away
   rub down
   rub elbows with
   rub in
   rub into
   rub it in
   rub off
   rub off on
   rub off onto
   rub on
   rub out
   rub someone up the wrong way
   rub someone's nose in it
   rub the shine off
   rub through
   rub together
   rub up
   rub up against
   rub with
   ruck up
   ruffle someone up the wrong way
   ruffle up
   rule off
   rule out
   rule over
   ruminate about
   rummage about
   rummage out
   rumour abroad
   run a comb through one's hair
   run a mile from
   run about
   run across
   run after
   run against
   run aground
   run along
   run amok
   run around
   run at
   run away from
   run away with
   run away with the idea
   run back
   run back over
   run before
   run behind
   run close
   run cold
   run counter to
   run deep
   run down to
   run down
   run dry
   run for
   run for dear life
   run for it
   run foul of
   run from
   run hard
   run high
   run in for
   run in
   run into
   run low
   run off the rails
   run off
   run on
   run one's feet off
   run one's head into a brick wall
   run out at
   run out of
   run out of steam
   run out on
   run out the clock
   run over with
   run over
   run ragged
   run rife
   run rings round
   run round
   run scared
   run short
   run someone into the ground
   run someone off his feet
   run through
   run to
   run to fat
   run to ruin
   run to waste
   run together
   run up against
   run up to
   run upon
   run with
   run with the hare and hunt with the hounds
   rush at
   rush for
   rush in
   rush into
   rush off
   rush out
   rush some one off his feet
   rush through
   rush to
   rush to conclusions
   rust away
   rust in
   rustle up
   rabbit food
   red ink
   right as rain
   road pizza
   rough and ready
   rough time
   rug rat
   Radio Rental
   rain stair rods
   raspberry ripple
   Richard the Third
   right one
   ripped to the tits
   Rosie Lee
   Ruby Murray
   rug muncher
   rusty bullet hole