plain as a pikestaff
   plain as the nose on one's face
   pleased as Punch
   poor as a church mouse
   pretty as a picture
   proud as a peacock
   pure as the driven snow
   pain in the neck
   pain the town red
   pan out
   parrot fashion
   part and parcel
   parting of the ways
   party line
   pass as
   pass muster
   pass the buck
   pass the hat round
   pass the time
   pass the time of day
   pay an arm and a leg
   pay as you go
   pay in advance
   pay lip-service
   pay one's dues
   pay someone a left-handed compliment
   pay the earth
   pay the piper
   penny wise and pound foolish
   Perish the thought
   pick a quarrel
   pick and choose
   pick holes in
   pie in the sky
   piece of cake
   piece of the action
   pigs might fly
   pinch and scrape
   pins and needles
   plain sailing
   play devil's advocate
   play ball
   play both ends
   play cat and mouse
   play fair
   play fast and loose
   play footsie
   play gooseberry
   play hard to get
   play hookey
   play it cool
   play it safe
   play one's cards close to one's chest
   play one's cards right
   play one's trump card
   play politics
   play possum
   play second fiddle
   play the field
   play the fool
   play the game
   play the market
   play to the gallery
   play tricks
   poetic justice
   poke fun at
   pop the question
   Possession is nine points of the law
   pot calling the kettle black
   pound a beat
   pound for pound
   pound the streets
   pour cold water on
   pour oil on troubled waters
   power behind the throne
   powers that be
   Practice makes perfect.
   practise what you preach
   preach to the converted
   precious few
   precious little
   presence of mind
   press-gang someone into doing something
   Pride goes before a fall
   pride of place
   prime mover
   promise someone the moon
   promise the moon
   pull a face
   pull a fast one
   pull a stunt
   put two and two together
   Pacific Rim
   pack animal
   pack horse
   package holiday
   package tour
   packed lunch
   packed out
   packing case
   padded cell
   paddle boat
   paddle wheel
   paddling pool
   page number
   paint stripper
   painted pottery
   palm sugar
   Panama Canal
   Pap smear
   paper bag
   paper napkin
   paper tiger
   par value
   paraffin oil
   parcel post
   parent company
   Parkinsons disease
   parlor car
   part of speech
   part song
   part-time job
   patent leather
   patent medicine
   patent right
   Pathum Thani
   patron saint
   pea green
   pea jacket
   Peace Corps
   peace pipe
   peanut oil
   pearl barley
   pearl diver
   pearl eye
   pearl gray
   pectoral fin
   peep show
   Peeping Tom
   peg leg
   Peking Man
   pen name
   pen pal
   penal code
   penal servitude
   penalty kick
   penny dreadful
   penny pincher
   pep pill
   pep talk
   pepper mill
   peptic ulcer
   per annum
   per capita
   per cent
   per contra
   per diem
   per se
   percussion instrument
   periodic law
   permanent teeth
   permanent wave
   pernicious anemia
   persona non grata
   personal computer
   personal effects
   personal pronoun
   Peter Pan
   petit bourgeois
   petit four
   petit larceny
   petit mal
   petit point
   petite bourgeoisie
   Petroleum Authority of Thailand
   petty cash
   petty larceny
   petty officer
   Phnom Penh
   phone book
   phone booth
   phone card
   phonetic alphabet
   phosphoric acid
   photo finish
   photoelectric cell
   Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya
   phrasal verb
   physical chemistry
   physical education
   physical geography
   physical strength
   physical therapy
   picric acid
   picture frame
   picture house
   picture puzzle
   pidgin English
   piece goods
   piece of work
   piece rate
   pig iron
   pigeon breast
   pigeon pea
   piggy bank
   pile driver
   pile up
   pillar box
   pillow cover
   pilot lamp
   pilot light
   pin curl
   pin money
   pin stripe
   pinball machine
   pinch bar
   pine cone
   pineal body
   pinking shears
   pipe organ
   pirate radio
   piston ring
   piston rod
   pitched battle
   pituitary gland
   place kick
   plain dealing
   planktonic shrimp
   plaster of Paris
   plastic surgery
   platinum blonde
   Platonic love
   playing cards
   playing field
   plumb bob
   plus fours
   pocket book
   pocket money
   poet laureate
   point of view
   poison gas
   poison ivy
   poker face
   polar bear
   pole jump
   Pole star
   pole vault
   police dog
   Police General
   Police Lieutenant General
   Police Major General
   police station
   political science
   polka dot
   poll tax
   pollen count
   pollen grain
   polluted water
   Pollution Control Department
   poor laws
   poor white
   pop art
   popular front
   porkpie hat
   Port Authority of Thailand
   port of entry
   portmanteau word
   Portuguese man-of-war
   post meridiem
   post office
   postage stamp
   postal card
   postal code
   postal parcel
   postmaster general
   postmortem examination
   pot cheese
   pot roast
   potassium permanganate
   potato chip
   potato crisp
   potential difference
   potter's field
   potter's wheel
   pound sterling
   powder horn
   powder puff
   powder room
   power dive
   power of attorney
   power series
   Prachin Buri
   Prachuap Khiri Khan
   practical joke
   practical nurse
   prairie dog
   prairie schooner
   prayer beads
   prayer book
   prayer wheel
   praying mantis
   precious metal
   precious stone
   pre-elementary level
   preparatory school
   present participle
   present perfect
   present tense
   Presidents' Day
   press agency
   press agent
   press conference
   press corps
   press gallery
   press gang
   press office
   press officer
   press release
   press secretary
   press stud
   pressure cooker
   pressure gauge
   pressure gradient
   pressure group
   price control
   price index
   price support
   price tag
   price war
   prickly heat
   pricy pricey
   prima ballerina
   prima donna
   prima facie
   prima facie evidence
   primary cell
   primary color
   primary school
   prime meridian
   prime minister
   prime number
   prime rate
   prime time
   prince consort
   Prince of Darkness
   Prince of Wales
   printed matter
   printer's ink
   printing press
   prison cell
   prisoner of war
   private company
   private practice
   private school
   privy chamber
   privy council
   privy councillor
   prize money
   prize ring
   prize winner
   pro bono
   pro forma
   pro tem
   probate court
   probation officer
   process printing
   production number
   profit and lost
   profit margin
   programmed learning
   promissory note
   proper fraction
   property tax
   prosecuting attorney
   prostate gland
   protective tariff
   proving ground
   provost guard
   provost marshal
   public affairs
   public convenience
   public debt
   public defender
   public domain
   public health
   public hearing
   public house
   public law
   public opinion
   public prosecutor
   public relations
   public sale
   public school
   public servant
   public speaking
   public utility
   puerperal fever
   pug nose
   Pulitzer prize
   punctuation mark
   puppy love
   purse seine
   purse snatcher
   purse strings
   push broom
   pussy willow
   pace along
   pace off
   pace out
   pace up
   pack away
   pack down
   pack in
   pack into
   pack it up
   pack off
   pack out
   pack together
   pack up
   pad out
   pad up
   page up
   paint in
   paint on
   paint out
   paint over
   pair off
   pair up
   pair with
   pal up
   pale at
   pale beside
   pall on
   palm off
   palm off as
   palm off on
   palm off with
   palter with
   pan for
   pan in
   pan off
   pander to
   pant for
   pant out
   paper over
   parcel out
   parcel up
   pardon for
   pare down
   pare off
   parley with
   part company with
   part from
   part with
   partake in
   partake of
   participate in
   participate with
   partition off
   partner off
   pass along
   pass around
   pass away
   pass back
   pass between
   pass by
   pass down
   pass for
   pass forward
   pass from
   pass in
   pass into
   pass judgment
   pass off
   pass off as
   pass on
   pass out
   pass out of
   pass over
   pass round the hat
   pass sentence on
   pass through
   pass under
   pass up
   paste up
   pat down
   pat on
   pat someone on the back
   patch up
   patter about
   pattern after
   pattern with
   pause on
   pave with
   paw about
   pay attention to
   pay away
   pay back
   pay court to
   pay down
   pay for
   pay heed to
   pay homage to
   pay in
   pay into
   pay lip service to
   pay off
   pay on
   pay out
   pay over
   pay to
   pay tribute to
   pay up
   pay with
   peach on
   peal out
   peck at
   peck up
   peek at
   peel away
   peel back
   peel off
   peep at
   peep into
   peep out
   peep over
   peep through
   peer about
   peer at
   peer into
   peer out
   peer through
   peg as
   peg away at
   peg down
   peg out
   pelt along
   pelt at
   pelt down
   pelt out
   pelt with
   pen in
   pen up
   penalize for
   penetrate into
   penetrate through
   penetrate to
   penetrate with
   pension off
   people with
   pep up
   pepper with
   perch on
   percolate through
   perform on
   perish by
   perish from
   perish in
   perish with
   perk up
   permeate among
   permeate with
   permit in
   permit into
   permit out
   permit through
   permit up
   persevere at/in
   persevere with
   persist in
   persist with
   persuade into
   persuade of
   persuade out of
   pertain to
   pervade with
   pessess by
   pester out of
   pester with
   peter out
   petition for
   phase in
   phase out
   phone in
   phone up
   pick a fight with
   pick apart
   pick at
   pick away
   pick flaws in
   pick from
   pick in
   pick off
   pick on
   pick out
   pick over
   pick up
   pick up a cue
   pick up speed
   pick up the gauntlet
   pick with
   picture to
   piddle away
   piece out
   piece together
   piece up
   pierce through
   pig it
   pig out
   pig together
   pile in
   pile in on
   pile insult on insult
   pile into
   pile it on
   pile off
   pile on
   pile on the agony
   pile on the pressure
   pile onto
   pile out
   pile Pelion upon Ossa
   pile with
   pillow on
   pilot in
   pilot into
   pilot out
   pilot through
   pimp for
   pin against
   pin back
   pin back one's ears
   pin down
   pin on
   pin one's faith on
   pin one's hopes on
   pin someone's ears back
   pin to
   pin under
   pin up
   pinch back
   pine away
   pine for
   pine over
   pinion to
   pinion together
   pink out
   pipe aboard
   pipe ashore
   pipe away
   pipe down
   pipe in
   pipe into
   pipe up
   piss about
   piss about with
   piss off
   pit against
   pit with
   pitch forward
   pitch in
   pitch into
   pitch on
   pitch out
   pitch up
   pivot on
   place a call to
   place a construction on
   place a match to
   place a premium on
   place a strain on
   place above
   place all one's eggs in one basket
   place aside
   place at
   place back
   place before
   place behind
   place down
   place in
   place on
   place one foot before the other
   place one's cards on the table
   place one's confidence in
   place one's hopes on
   place oneself in someone else's position
   place out
   place pressure on
   place someone at his ease
   place someone behind bars
   place someone on his hour
   place someone under an obligation
   place someone under arrest
   place someone under oath
   place someone under observation
   place something at a premium
   place something in jeopardy
   place something on one side
   place to
   place under
   place with
   plague with
   plan ahead
   plan for
   plan on
   plan out
   plane away
   plane down
   plank down
   plant in
   plant in to
   plant on
   plant out
   plant with
   plaster down
   plaster on
   plaster over
   plaster up
   plaster with
   plate with
   play at sight
   play a joke on
   play a part in
   play a trick on
   play about
   play about with
   play against
   play along
   play as
   play at
   play back
   play ball with
   play cool
   play down
   play down to
   play false
   play for
   play games with
   play havoc with
   play in
   play like
   play off against
   play on
   play oneself in
   play out
   play over
   play safe
   play someone like a fish
   play the devil with
   play through
   play to
   play up
   play up to
   play upon
   play with
   play with fire
   plead against
   plead for
   plead guilty
   plead with
   please oneself
   pledge allegiance to
   pledge to
   plight oneself
   plod along/on
   plod away
   plot against
   plot out
   plot with
   plough in
   plough into
   plough on
   plough out
   plough through
   plough under
   plough up
   pluck at
   pluck from
   pluck off
   pluck out
   pluck up
   pluck up courage
   plug at
   plug away at
   plug in
   plug up
   plume on
   plump against
   plump down
   plump for
   plump up
   plunge down
   plunge in
   plunge into
   plunk down
   plunk for
   ply across
   ply between
   ply with
   poach for
   poach on
   poach on someone's preserves
   pock with
   point at
   point down
   point off
   point out
   point to
   point up
   poise on
   poise over
   poison against
   poison with
   poke about
   poke along
   poke at
   poke forward
   poke in
   poke into
   poke one's nose in
   poke one's nose into
   poke out
   poke up
   polish of
   polish up
   pollute with
   ponce about
   ponder on
   pony up
   pony up for
   poop out
   pop across
   pop along
   pop back
   pop down
   pop in
   pop into
   pop off
   pop on
   pop out
   pop over
   pop round
   pop up
   pore on: pore upon
   pore over
   portion out
   portion to
   portray as
   portray in
   pose as
   pose for
   posh up
   possess of
   possess oneself of
   post away
   post from
   post on
   post to
   post up
   postpone to
   pot at
   pot up
   potter about
   potter away
   pounce on
   pound along
   pound at
   pound down
   pound in
   pound into
   pound on
   pound out
   pour across
   pour along
   pour away
   pour back
   pour contempt on
   pour down
   pour forth
   pour in
   pour off
   pour oil on flames
   pour on
   pour out
   pour over
   pour through
   pour with
   power by
   practise on
   prance about
   prang up
   prate about
   prattle about
   prattle away
   pray for
   pray to
   preach against
   preach at
   preach to
   precipitate into
   preclude from
   predestine for
   predispose to
   predominate over
   preen on
   preface by
   prefer to
   prefix to
   prejudice against
   prepare for
   prescribe for
   present at
   present to
   present with
   preserve for
   preserve from
   preside at
   preside over
   press against
   press down
   press for
   press forward
   press hard
   press home
   press in
   press into
   press on
   press out
   press round
   press something into service
   press to
   press together
   press towards
   press up
   press upon
   pressure be on
   pretend to
   pretty up
   prevail against
   prevail on
   prevent from
   prey on
   prey on someone's mind
   price out
   price up
   prick on
   prick out
   prick up
   prick up one's ears
   pride on
   prime with
   primp up
   print in
   print off
   print out
   prise off
   prise open
   prise from
   prise up
   prize above
   probe into
   proceed against
   proceed from
   proceed to
   proceed with
   procure for
   procure from
   prod at
   produce from
   profit by
   progress in
   progress to
   prohibit from
   project from
   project onto
   promise to
   promise well
   promote to
   pronounce against
   pronounce for
   pronounce judgment on
   prop against
   prop open
   prop up
   propose a toast to
   propose to
   prospect for
   prosper from
   prostrate before
   protect against
   protest against
   protrude from
   prove oneself
   prove to
   provide against
   provide for
   provide under
   provide with
   provoke into
   prowl about
   prune away
   prune down
   prune from
   prune of
   pry about
   pry into
   psych out
   psych up
   pucker up
   puff at
   puff away
   puff out
   puff up
   pull about
   pull ahead
   pull along
   pull alongside
   pull apart
   pull aside
   pull at
   pull at one's pipe
   pull away
   pull back
   pull by
   pull down
   pull for
   pull in
   pull in one's belt
   pull in one's horns
   pull into
   pull it over someone's eyes
   pull off
   pull on
   pull one's finger out
   pull one's socks up
   pull oneself
   pull oneself together
   pull oneself up by one's bootstraps
   pull out
   pull out of
   pull over
   pull round
   pull something out of danger
   pull something to pieces
   pull something into shape
   pull through
   pull to
   pull together
   pull under
   pull up
   pull up one's roots
   pull up stakes
   pulse through
   pump in
   pump into
   pump out
   pump through
   pump up
   punch in
   punch on
   punch out
   punch up
   punctuate with
   punish for
   punish with
   purge away
   purge from
   purge of
   purify of
   purse up
   push about
   push against
   push ahead
   push along
   push aside
   push at
   push away
   push back
   push by
   push down
   push for
   push forward
   push from
   push home
   push in
   push into
   push off
   push off on
   push on
   push one's way forward
   push one's way through
   push oneself
   push out
   push over
   push round
   push something down someone's throat
   push the boat out
   push through
   push to
   push towards
   push up
   push up the daisies
   push upon
   put apart
   put to bed
   put to sleep
   put heart and soul into
   put money on
   put a bold face on
   put a call to
   put a construction on
   put a good word in for someone
   put a hex on
   put a match to
   put a name to
   put a new face on
   put a premium on
   put a price on
   put a sock in it
   put a spanner in the works
   put a spoke in someone's wheel
   put a strain on
   put about
   put above
   put across
   put ahead
   put all one's eggs in one basket
   put among
   put an animal out of its misery
   put an end to
   put an idea into
   put as
   put aside
   put at
   put away
   put back
   put before
   put behind
   put by
   put down
   put down roots
   put down as
   put down for
   put down one's tools
   put down to
   put emphasis on
   put forth
   put forward
   put ideas into someone's head
   put in for
   put in
   put inside
   put into
   put it on
   put it there
   put it to someone
   put off
   put on a spurt
   put on airs
   put on the gloves
   put on the heat
   put on
   put one foot before front of the other
   put one's house in order
   put one's back into
   put one's best face on
   put one's best foot forward
   put one's cards on the table
   put one's confidence in
   put one's feet up
   put one's finger on
   put one's foot down
   put one's foot in it
   put one's hand into one's pocket
   put one's hands on
   put one's hopes on
   put one's mind on
   put one's mind to
   put one's nose to the grindstone
   put one's shirt on
   put one's shoulder to the wheel
   put one's thinking cap on
   put oneself in someone else's place
   put oneself into someone else's place
   put onto
   put our heads together
   put out
   put out of
   put over
   put over on
   put paid to
   put past
   put pen to paper
   put pressure on
   put right
   put someone out
   put someone into power
   put someone in the wrong
   put someone in the shade
   put someone on the pan
   put someone to the test
   put someone at his ease
   put someone behind bars
   put someone in awe
   put someone in contact
   put someone in place
   put someone in mind of
   put someone in the picture
   put someone off his stride
   put someone off the scent
   put someone on a pedestal
   put someone on his guard
   put someone on his oath
   put someone on his mettle
   put someone out of countenance
   put someone out of his misery
   put someone out of work
   put someone through
   put someone through his paces
   put someone to expense
   put someone to a trade
   put someone to bed
   put someone to the blush
   put someone to the question
   put someone under an obligation
   put someone under arrest
   put someone under oath
   put someone under observation
   put someone's monkey up
   put someone's nose out of joint
   put something at a premium
   put something behind one
   put something in a nutshell
   put something in jeopardy
   put something in motion
   put something in order
   put something into action
   put something into force
   put something into words
   put something on ice
   put something on its feet
   put something on one side
   put something on the map
   put something on the market
   put something out of one's head
   put something to effective use
   put something to rights
   put straight
   put the arm/bite on
   put the boot in
   put the brake on
   put the cart before the horse
   put the cat among the pigeons
   put the clock back
   put the fear of God in someone
   put the fear of God into someone
   put the fear of God up someone
   put the final touches to
   put the kibosh on
   put the mouth on
   put the screws on
   put the tin lid on
   put the wind up
   put there
   put through
   put to
   put together
   put under
   put up
   put up a show
   put up one's fists
   put up the shutters
   put up to
   put up with
   put wise
   put words in inverted commas
   put words into someone's mouth
   put years on
   put your hands up
   putter about
   putter out
   puzzle out
   puzzle over
   package deal
   paint remover
   paint the town
   parting shot
   pass go
   patter of tiny feet
   pet peeve
   pink slip
   pit stop
   play hardball
   plumb loco
   pop tops
   pop wine
   puddle jumper
   puke hole
   pull jive
   pull out all the stops
   punk kid
   pure and simple
   paki shop
   pan handle
   peanut smuggling
   pen and ink
   Pete tong
   pictures of the Queen
   pillow biter
   piss it up the wall
   plates of meat
   pony and trap
   porky pies
   posh wank
   powder your nose
   pump your nads