near as dammit
   nutty as a fruit-cake
   now or never
   naked eye
   near the bone
   near the knuckle
   neck and neck
   needs must
   neither fish nor fowl
   neither here nor there
   neither hide nor hair
   never darken my door again
   never fear
   never had it so good
   never in one's life
   never mind
   new blood
   new lease on life
   new one on
   next to nothing
   night and day
   night on the town
   nine days' wonder
   nine-to-five job
   nip something in the bud
   no buts about it
   no doubt
   no end of
   no great shakes
   no hard feelings
   no holds barred
   no ifs about it
   no joke
   no kidding
   no laughing matter
   no love lost
   no matter what
   No news is good news
   no problem
   no skin off someone's nose
   no sooner said than done
   no spring chicken
   no sweat
   no trespassing
   no two ways about it
   no way
   no wonder
   nobody's fool
   none other than
   none the wiser
   none the worse for wear
   none to speak of
   noe too something
   Not a bit
   not a living soul
   not able to call one's time one's own
   not able to go on
   not able to help
   not able to make anything out of
   not able to see the wood for the trees
   not able to wait
   not all it is cracked up to be
   not all there
   not at all
   not born yesterday
   not breathe a word
   not buy something
   not by a long shot
   not care two hoots about
   not enough room to swing a cat
   not for anything in the world
   not for love nor money
   not for the world
   not give a hang about
   not give a hoot
   not give a hoot about
   not give someone the time of day
   not give two hoots about
   not half bad
   not have a care in the world
   not have a leg to stand on
   not have all one's marbles
   not hold water
   not in the same league as
   not know if one is coming or going
   not know someone from Adam
   not know the first thing about
   not know where to turn
   not know whether one is coming or going
   not know which way to turn
   not lift a finger
   not long for this world
   not move a muscle
   not on any account
   not on your life
   not open one's mouth
   not see further than the end of one's nose
   not set foot somewhere
   not show one's face
   not sleep a wink
   not someone's cup of tea
   not take no for an answer
   not to darken someone's door
   not up to scratch
   not utter a word
   not what it is cracked up to be
   not worth a button
   not worth a cent
   not worth a penny
   nothing but
   nothing of the kind
   nothing short of
   nothing to complain about
   nothing to it
   nothing to sneeze at
   nothing to speak of
   nothing to write home about
   Nothing ventured, nothing gained
   nowhere near
   null and void
   nurse a grudge
   nuts about
   nuts and bolts
   nag at
   nail a lie to the counter
   nail back
   nail down
   nail onto
   nail to
   nail up
   name after
   name as
   nark it
   narrow down
   negotiate about
   negotiate with
   neighbour upon
   nighbour with
   nerve for
   nest in
   nestle down
   nestle up
   nibble at
   nick up
   nip in
   nip off
   nod off
   noise abroad
   nominate for
   nominate to
   nose about
   nose into
   nose out
   not about to
   not be able to see beyond one's nose
   not be able to see beyond of one's nose
   not to put too fine a point on it
   notch up
   note down
   note for
   notify of
   notify to
   number among
   number off
   number with
   nurse along
   nurse through
   nuzzle up
   nail brush
   nail file
   nail polish
   nail scissors
   nail varnish
   Nakhon Nayok
   Nakhon Pathom
   Nakhon Phanom
   Nakhon Ratchasima
   Nakhon Sawan
   Nakhon Si Thammarat
   name day
   nanny goat
   narrow gauge
   nasal cavity
   nasal twang
   national anthem
   national convention
   national curriculum
   national debt
   national Flag
   national forest
   National Guard
   national holiday
   national income
   national park
   national security
   national socialism
   native speaker
   nativity play
   natural child
   natural childbirth
   natural gas
   natural history
   natural law
   natural resource
   natural resources
   natural science
   natural selection
   natural wastage
   nature cure
   nature reserve
   nautical mile
   nautical slang
   navel orange
   navy bean
   navy blue
   navy yard
   ne plus ultra
   neap tide
   Neapolitan ice cream
   near miss
   neck ring
   necking party
   neighborhood watch
   neighbourhood watch
   neon tube
   nerve centre
   nerve gas
   nervous breakdown
   nervous system
   nest egg
   net game
   net surfer
   net ton
   never-never land
   new broom
   New Delhi
   New England
   New South Wales
   New Testament
   New World
   New Year's Day
   New Year's eve
   New York
   New Zealand
   New Zealander
   news agency
   news commetator
   news conference
   next door
   next of kin
   next to
   night depository
   night light
   night owl
   night shift
   night watch
   Nightingale, Florence
   nine day's wonder
   nine pins
   nitrate of potassium
   nitrate of sodium
   nitric acid
   nitrogen fixation
   nitrous acid
   nitrous oxide
   no less than
   no longer
   no man's land
   no one
   no place
   Noah's ark
   Noah's Flood
   Nobel, Alfred Bernhard
   Noble prizes
   noblesse oblige
   no-claims bonus
   no-fly zone
   no-go area
   nom de plume
   non assumpsit
   non dit
   non sequitur
   nonce word
   noncommissioned officer
   none but
   normal school
   North America
   North Atlantic Treaty Organization
   North Pole
   North Sea
   North Star
   Northern Hemisphere
   nose job
   nose pipe
   nose ring
   nosy parker
   nota bene
   note paper
   Notre Dame
   noughts and crosses
   noun phrase
   nouvear riche
   now and again
   now and then
   now that
   now then
   Now what?
   nuclear bomb
   nuclear energy
   nuclear family
   nuclear fission
   nuclear fuel
   nuclear fusion
   nuclear physics
   nuclear power
   nuclear reactor
   nuclear war
   nuclear waste
   nuclear weapons
   nuclear winter
   nucleic acid
   nuisance value
   number crunching
   number plate
   nurse practitioner
   nursery nurse
   nursery rhyme
   nursery school
   nursery slope
   nursing bottle
   nursing home
   nux vomica
   Name your poison.
   needle candy
   nerd mobile
   nervous Nellie
   nice meeting you
   nip and tuck
   no big deal
   no can do
   no end of something
   No lie
   no sale
   no soup
   no stress
   non compos
   not grow on trees
   Not to worry.
   no-win situation
   number one
   numero uno
   Nuts to you
   north and south