dead as a doornail
   dead as dodo
   different as chalk from cheese
   different as night and day
   drunk as a lord
   drunk as a shunk
   dry as dust
   dull as dish-water
   dab at
   dab off
   dab on
   dab out
   dabble at
   dabble in
   dabble with
   daddy of them all
   dail grind
   daily dozen
   dally over
   dally with
   dam up
   damn with faint praise
   damp down
   damp off
   damp squib
   dampen down
   dance on
   dance to
   dance upon
   dangle about
   dangle around
   dangle before
   dangle from
   dangle round
   Darby and Joan
   dark horse
   dart at
   dash against
   dash away
   dash off
   dash out
   dash over
   date back from
   date back to
   daub on
   daub onto
   daub over
   daub up
   daub with
   Davy Jones's locker
   dawdle along
   dawdle away
   dawdle over
   dawn on
   dawn upon
   day after day
   day and night
   dead ahead
   dead and buried
   dead loss
   dead on one's or its feet
   dead set against
   dead to the world
   deaden with
   deal at
   deal by
   deal in
   deal out
   deal with
   debar from
   debate about
   debate in
   debate on
   debate upon
   debate with
   debit against
   debit to
   debit with
   decamp with
   deceive in
   deceive into
   deceive with
   decide against
   decide between
   decide for
   decide on
   decide upon
   deck out
   deck up
   deck with
   declaim against
   declare for
   declare off
   declare on
   declare oneself
   declare to
   decorate with
   decrease from
   decrease in
   dedicate to
   deduce from
   deduct from
   deed over
   deface with
   default on
   defect from
   defect to
   defend against
   defend from
   defend with
   defer to
   define as
   deflect from
   defraud of
   degenerate into
   delegate to
   delete from
   deliberate about
   deliberate on
   deliberate over
   deliberate upon
   delight in
   delight with
   deliver from
   deliver of
   deliver oneself of
   deliver over
   deliver to
   deliver up
   delude into
   delude oneself into
   delude oneself with
   delude with
   deluge with
   delve into
   demand from
   demand of
   demean oneself
   demonstrate against
   demonstrate to
   demote from
   demote to
   demur at
   demur to
   denounce for
   dent up
   denude of
   deny oneself
   deny to
   depart from
   depend on
   depend upon
   deplete of
   depose to
   deprive of
   depute to
   deputize for
   derive from
   derogate from
   descant on
   descant upon
   descend from
   descend into
   descend on
   descend to
   descend to particulars
   descend upon
   describe as
   describe to
   desert a sinking ship
   deserve of
   design for
   designate as
   desist from
   despair of
   despatch to
   despoil of
   destine for
   detach from
   detail off
   detect in
   deter from
   determine on
   determine upon
   detract from
   develop from
   develop into
   deviate from
   devil for
   devil of a job
   devil-may-care attitude
   devil-may-care manner
   devil's own job
   devolve on
   devolve upon
   devote to
   devour with
   dice away
   dice with
   dicker for
   dicker over
   dicker with
   dictate to
   diddle out of
   die a natural death
   die away
   die back
   die by
   die by one's own hand
   die down
   die for
   die from
   die game
   die hard
   die in
   die in harness
   die in one's bed
   die laughing
   die of
   die of a broken heart
   die of boredom
   die off
   die out
   die with
   die with one's boots on
   differ about
   differ from
   differ in
   differ on
   differ with
   differentiate between
   differentiate from
   dig at
   dig down
   dig for
   dig in
   dig in one's heels
   dig into
   dig into one's pocket
   dig into one's purse
   dig into the till
   dig one's heels in
   dig one's toes in
   dig out
   dig over
   dig someone in the ribs
   dig up
   digress from
   dilate on
   dilate upon
   dilute with
   dim down
   dim out
   dim up
   din in
   din into
   dine at
   dine in
   dine off
   dine on
   dine out
   dine out on
   dip in
   dip into
   direct one's attention to
   direct to
   dirt cheap
   dirty look
   dirty old man
   dirty one's hands
   dirty up
   dirty word
   dirty work
   disabuse of
   disagree about
   disagree on
   disagree over
   disagree with
   disappear from
   disappear to
   disappoint at
   disappoint in
   disappoint with
   disapprove of
   disbar from
   disbilieve in
   disburden of
   discern between
   discern from
   discharge from
   discharge into
   disconnect from
   disconnect with
   discord from
   discord with
   discourse on
   discourse upon
   discriminate against
   discriminate between
   discriminate from
   discuss with
   disembark from
   disembarrass of
   disengage from
   disentangle from
   disguise as
   disguise in
   disguise with
   dish it out
   dish out
   dish up
   disincline for
   disincline towards
   dislodge from
   dismiss as
   dismiss for
   dismiss from
   dismount from
   dispatch to
   dispense from
   dispense to
   dispense with
   disport oneself
   dispose of
   dispose towards
   dispossess of
   dispute about
   dispute against
   dispute over
   dispute with
   disqualify for
   disqualify from
   dissatisfy at
   dissatisfy with
   dissent from
   dissociate from
   dissolve in
   dissolve into
   dissolve into tears
   dissuade from
   distinguish between
   distinguish from
   distinguish oneself
   distract from
   distrain upon
   distribute among
   distribute over
   distribute round
   distribute to
   dive in
   dive into
   dive off
   diverge from
   diverge to
   divert from
   divert onto
   divert to
   divert with
   divest of
   divide against
   divide among
   divide between
   divide by
   divide from
   divide in
   divide into
   divide off
   divide on
   divide out
   divide with
   divorce from
   divulge to
   divvy up
   do a bunk
   do a double take
   do about
   do as
   do away with
   do badly
   do by
   do down
   do for
   do good
   do homage to
   do in
   do into
   do justice to
   do one's best
   do one's bit
   do one's duty
   do one's nut
   do out
   do out of
   do over
   do proud
   do so
   do somehow by someone
   do someone a good run
   do someone to death
   do someone's heart good
   do something by hand
   do something in person
   do something on the hoof
   do something on the run
   do something the hard way
   do something to death
   do the dishes
   do the honours
   do the trick
   do to
   do too
   do up
   do well
   do with
   do without
   dock off
   doctor up
   dodder along
   dole out
   doll up
   dolly in
   dolly out
   dominate over
   domineer over
   donkey's ages
   donkey's years
   Don't hold your breath
   doom to
   dope out
   dose of one's own medicine
   dose with
   doss down
   dot about
   dot around
   dot with
   dote on
   dote upon
   double as
   double back
   double Dutch
   double for
   double in brass
   double over
   double up
   double with
   double-cross someone
   doubt of
   doubting Thomas
   dovetail into
   down and out
   down at heel
   down on one's luck
   down South
   down the drain
   Down the hatch!
   down the tube
   down to earth
   down with a disease
   doze off
   draft out
   drag at
   drag away
   drag behind
   drag down
   drag in
   drag into
   drag off
   drag on
   drag out
   drag someone through the mud
   drag someone's name through the mire
   drag through
   drag up
   dragoon into
   drain away
   drain from
   drain into
   drain of
   drain off
   drain out
   drape in
   drape over
   drape round
   drape with
   draw a line between something and something else
   draw a veil over
   draw ahead
   draw alongside
   draw apart
   draw aside
   draw at
   draw away
   draw back
   draw blood
   draw down
   draw for
   draw forth
   draw from
   draw in
   draw in one's claws
   draw into
   draw mild
   draw near
   draw off
   draw on
   draw out
   draw over
   draw someone's attention to
   draw to a close
   draw to
   draw together
   draw up
   draw upon
   dream about
   dream away
   dream come true
   dream of
   dream up
   dredge up
   drench in
   drench with
   dress down
   dress for
   dress out
   dress up
   dressing down
   dribs and drabs
   drift along
   drift apart
   drift away
   drift in
   drift off
   drift out
   drift towards
   drill down
   drill in
   drill into
   drink at
   drink away
   drink deep of
   drink down
   drink in
   drink off
   drink to
   drink to excess
   drink under
   drink up
   drive a hard bargain
   drive a wedge between
   drive at
   drive away
   drive away at
   drive back
   drive back on
   drive between
   drive crazy
   drive for
   drive home
   drive home to
   drive in
   drive into
   drive mad
   drive off
   drive on
   drive out
   drive over
   drive round
   drive someone into a corner
   drive someone out of his mind
   drive someone round the bend
   drive someone up the wall
   drive through
   drive to
   drive up
   drivel about
   drivel on
   drizzle down
   drone on
   drone out
   drool over
   droop down
   drop a bombshell
   drop a brick
   drop a clanger
   drop across
   drop around
   drop astern
   drop away
   drop back
   drop behind
   drop below
   drop by
   drop dead
   drop down
   drop in
   drop in one's track
   drop in the bucket
   drop in the ocean
   drop into
   drop it
   drop off
   drop on
   drop out
   drop over
   drop round
   drop someone
   drop someone a line
   drop someone's name
   drop the name of someone
   drop through
   drop to
   drop up
   drown in
   drown one's sorrows
   drown out
   drug on the market
   drum in
   drum into
   drum on
   drum out of
   drum up
   drum upon
   dry off
   dry out
   dry run
   dry up
   dub in
   duck down
   duck into
   duck out
   dull over
   dull up
   dump on
   dun for
   dunk in
   dust down
   dust off
   dust out
   Dutch auction
   Dutch courage
   Dutch uncle
   dwell at
   dwell in
   dwell on
   dwell upon
   dwindle away
   dwindle down
   dwindle to
   dying to do something
   dab hand
   daddy longlegs
   Dagwood sandwich
   dairy cattle
   Dalai Lama
   dance band
   dance floor
   dance studio
   dancing girl
   dark blue
   data file
   data processing
   database management system
   date of birth
   dawn chorus
   day by day
   day in day out
   day off
   day out
   day return
   day school
   de -
   de facto
   de jure
   de luxe
   de riqueur
   death certificate
   death rate
   death warrant
   death wish
   decimal point
   deck cargo
   deck chair
   deck officer
   deck passenger
   decree absolute
   deep freeze
   delivery room
   den mother
   dengue fever
   dental floss
   department store
   dependent clause
   deposit account
   desk clerk
   dessert spoon
   detention centre
   detention home
   diamond jubilee
   diamond wedding
   dicky bird
   diesel engine
   dining room
   disk jockey
   donkey work
   dressing table
   drug addict
   drug dealer
   drum major
   dry nurse
   dry season
   due to
   duty free
   day the eagle flies
   dead and gone
   dead cinch
   dead easy
   dead issue
   dead man
   dead marine
   dead on
   dead one
   dead soldier
   dead-end kid
   Dear John letter
   desk jockey
   Dig up!
   dirty crack
   dish the dirt
   do or die
   do some fine coin
   do the drink thing
   do time
   dog and pony show
   dog meat
   done to a turn
   Don't have a cow
   Don't know it!
   Don't make me laugh
   Don't sweat it
   double nickels
   double-barreled slingshot
   down trip
   down under
   dressed to kill
   Dutch act
   Dutch cure
   Dutch treat
   dead cert
   deep sea diver
   diamond geezer
   Dicky Dirt
   diesel dyke
   do a runner
   do the frank
   do the off
   do what
   dog and bone
   dog’s dinner
   dogs bollocks
   dolly bird
   Don’t give a monkey’s chuff
   double bubble
   Douglas Hurd
   drop one
   duck and dive
   Dutch oven